The competent choice of an electric toothbrush

How to choose a toothbrush and do not hurt your teeth

Manufacturers of electronic gadgets tend to simplify the lives of consumers to the maximum. For several decades, anyone can afford to buy an electric toothbrush. Not only that now people do not have to make convulsive movements with their hands when brushing their teeth, such brushes also clean enamel several times more efficiently! If you do not have such a miracle of technology, we highly recommend to buy!

Main selection criteria

What you need to pay attention in the first place, facing the counter with dozens of similar models?

Type of toothbrush

There are three types of electric brushes:

  • Mechanical with rotating bristles;
  • Sonic (cleaned with sound waves);
  • Ultrasonic (cleaned with ultrasonic waves).

The first category has a more familiar look and an affordable price. The second two types will cost a little more, but the reviews of satisfied owners are really worth it! It should be borne in mind that ultrasonic brushes do not recommend to people with a large number of fillings and veneers, as they have a damaging effect on them.

Working head movement

Modern electric toothbrushes can move not only in one direction in a circle, but also rotationally-progressively, which contributes to a more thorough cleaning of the tooth enamel and interdental space. In recent years, 3D models have also appeared on the market, which, in addition to rotational-translational movements, also perform pulsating. Such brushes perfectly remove plaque and even old tartar (with regular long-term use).

Cleaning modes

Simple inexpensive electric toothbrushes work only in one mode. If you have weak gums, thin tooth enamel, or problems with tooth sensitivity, we recommend you to get a brush with a gentle mode.

Additional benefits

What else are the features of the best electric brushes?

  • Several nozzles, varying in strength of impact, included allow you to comfortably brush your teeth, even if you suddenly have problems with gums or sensitivity. And the whitening attachment will make your smile dazzling! The set from several main nozzles of different flowers will be suitable for a family from several people.
  • Timer, which monitors the degree of pressure on the brush and the time of cleaning each tooth, will protect you from unintentional damage and from premature abrasion of enamel.

Popular manufacturers of electric brushes

The following brands are most popular in Russia:

  • OralB - Electric toothbrushes, which are among the first to appear in our country. The price range varies from 2 to 8 thousand rubles. In the product line there are both battery-powered and battery-powered models.
  • Panasonic produces several models of electric sound brushes at prices ranging from 900 to 7,000 rubles.
  • AEG - inexpensive mechanical and sound brushes, most of which have several cleaning modes. They can be bought by spending from 700 to 2000 rubles.
  • Donfeel specializes in ultrasonic toothbrushes. Models of this manufacturer cost from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.
  • Philips produces a wide range of electric toothbrushes in the price range from 800 to 10,000 rubles. From their products, everyone can choose something appropriate.

Common customer mistakes

Now let's talk about what to fear when buying an electric toothbrush.

  1. Purchase a brush that runs on replaceable batteries. Yes, it is cheap. Yes, it works great in field conditions. But the cost of batteries, which you will buy once a week, will exceed the initial price of the battery brush in six months. In addition, it is scientifically proven that cordless brushes are more efficient.
  2. Buying a straight brush - This is the second mistake. Look for a model whose slope of the cleaning head will be at least 35 degrees - such a brush will be able to clean the most hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity.
  3. The third and most important mistake is buying an electric toothbrush without first consulting a dentist. Not all people can use this miracle of technology.

We wish you a pleasant shopping! Smile more often!

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