The competent choice of car radar detector

Bad radar detector - forerunner of fines

The inspector with a striped rod, who suddenly appeared on the roadway and demanded to stop on the side of the road, clearly hinted at the upcoming unpleasant conversation. The reason for the stop is the most common - speeding, which means the next spending to pay the fine. But on the dashboard in the car installed a radar detector! Why didn't the device work? What is the problem? After all, when making a long trip such "surprises" can be collected on a decent amount.

Radar detectors are represented on the market by 30 brands, which together offer more than 500 models. And this is only the most popular! But, according to reviews of car owners, it becomes clear that it is not always possible to trust electronics. The problem lies in the fact that due to the improvement of radar, many models of detectors become obsolete and do not fulfill their functions. What else you need to know about these useful devices?

Arsenal inspectors

Traffic police are currently armed with more than 20 models of instruments, both stationary and mobile, which record the speed of movement. Therefore, on any part of the road at any time you can expect control. Radars used by inspectors are constantly being improved. If earlier they worked in the radio range, then modern models with the aim of remaining invisible to detectors have laser rangefinders. Also, to determine the speed, not a constant (continuous) radiation mode, but a short pulsed or instantaneous one is used. Recently, “killers” of radar detectors have also appeared - automated complexes measuring the average speed of movement “Avtodoria”.

Main selection criteria

We formulate the requirements that devices must meet so that they are not useless in front of modern radar models.

Frequency range and modes of operation

As for the speed measurement complexes “Avtodoria”, due to the absence of radiation from the guidance cameras, they can only be identified using the installation coordinates (GPS, GLONASS). Therefore, we will immediately clarify that it is necessary to consider only radar-directors, which are equipped with informants with a database, for purchase.

To identify the remaining fixing devices, the detectors should ensure operation in all frequency ranges of the radar operation:

  • 10.525 GHz (X-band) - the outdated frequency, but radars operating in this range are very rare, but continue to be used;
  • 24.150 GHz (K-band) - 80% of the speed fixation devices operate at this frequency;
  • 34,700 GHz (K-Pulse-band) - the frequency of the latest models of speed delays.

In addition, the detectors should be able to record the signals of both mobile and stationary radar complexes:

  • With constant (continuous) irradiation;
  • In pulse mode;
  • With low-power instantaneous radiation.

Thus, the ideal radar detector should:

  • Accept signals in all frequency bands used by traffic police (X, K, Ka) in any radar operating mode;
  • Have protection from laser guidance, then even the work of modern stationary systems such as "Strelka" will be fixed;
  • It is mandatory to provide the coordinates of the location of the video cameras of the stationary complexes.

Work algorithm

The next parameter is the range at which the device can detect radar pulses and the speed of their processing. The radar detector must have a hybrid (analog-digital) or digital signal processing algorithm received by the antenna or sensors. In such devices, thanks to modern processors, the processing speed is high, and the degree of spurious signals is low. Otherwise, the radar operating at a distance of 500-600 meters, will have time to determine the speed of the car before the driver takes security measures.

Sensitivity and noise immunity

An important characteristic is also the ratio of real signals with false, which is especially important in urban environments. For good sensitivity, the anti-radar should be equipped with a larger antenna with a 360 ° view and a high-tech filter that will eliminate most of the interference. In addition, for the settlement and the route it is desirable to have a separate mode, as excessive sensitivity in the city will lead to false positives.

Additional functionality

Pay attention to the additional functionality. So for lovers of foreign trips to countries where radar detectors are prohibited, it is advisable to choose a device with the protection function from the VG-2 system, which determines the presence of this device in the car. The presence of a compass, thermometer, voltmeter, voice recorder, display of speed, everyone chooses at their discretion, but the menu and voice notifications are desirable to be implemented in Russian. Not unnecessary will be the function of increasing the volume as you approach the radar and the ability to turn off some bands to optimize performance, as well as minimize false alarms.

The most popular manufacturers of radar detectors

By manufacturability and cost, all devices can be classified into three types of models: low-cost, mid-priced and premium (top).

  • The budget series includes devices worth up to $ 150. The most popular in this segment: Supra, Star, ParkCity, LKT, PlayMe, Whistler and others. Cheap models have limited additional features and low-cost manufacturing technologies. They are characterized by a short reception range, especially in the modern K-band, but reliable in operation.
  • The average price category up to $ 500 is made up of well-known brands: Cobra, Street Storm, Stinger and others. The devices are offered at an affordable price, have good functionality, work confidently in all ranges and are equipped with a database. Capable of detecting virtually all types of fixed and mobile radar. Detection range and sensitivity are also high. Models of this segment - the best choice for the ordinary motorist.
  • The premium segment includes brands that are characterized by enhanced functionality, as well as high sensitivity and noise immunity, and therefore are effective in urban environments. Detect all systems fixing the speed of movement. Models are represented by brands: Escort and Beltronics. The latest engineering achievements, developments and technologies are used in these devices. High processing speed and long-range radar detection accuracy is ensured.

Fortunately for motorists, there are radar detectors that can catch the signal from any modern fixing device and warn the driver in time about the need to reduce speed. On sections of the road that are not overloaded with transport and have good coverage, it is possible to travel a little faster, in connection with which putting this device on the dashboard or hanging it on the windshield will not be superfluous.

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