How to choose the right toaster: we guarantee it will be useful

How to choose a good toaster

Who said that morning begins only with coffee and scrambled eggs? But what about browned toasts? You have nothing to cook them? Then we recommend you go to the nearest store for a toaster! Just do not make a mistake with the selected model - because you do not need a device that breaks down in just a year?

Oddly enough, but even such simple devices can differ greatly from each other. Therefore, the choice of toaster can turn the head, unless you are an expert in the field of home appliances. Let's find out which parameters you should pay close attention to.

Do not go wrong with the design of the device

Before going to the store, decide what kind of toast you are going to cook. If you are interested in the usual bread, fried without the use of butter, then feel free to buy a traditional toaster. With it you will get nothing else. You may also like a roaster - this is an analogue of a brass oven, which can hold up to four pieces of bread. Well, if you want to grill sandwiches, then look only in the direction of sandwich toaster.

Rate management type

Any toaster offers one or another kind of control. Mechanical handles allow you to set only the time of toasting the bread. In this case, you have to be close to the device to prevent overcooking. It is much more convenient to toaster with electronic control. They offer to set the degree of toasting of bread (from 4 to 10 options). They may also have a defrost function.

Rate the appearance of the device

The toaster will be standing in your kitchen almost constantly. Therefore, it should not spoil its interior. In this regard, the purchase of a device with a metal or white body is preferable. Bright colors will only distract you.

If you are seriously interested in a toaster sandwich maker, then evaluate the quality of the non-stick coating. A filling of a sandwich in the form of melted cheese will sometimes flow out. Wash the product from the surface of the device should be possible without much difficulty. Otherwise, you will think ten times before frying your sandwich.

More should be familiar with the capacity of the toaster. The higher this parameter, the faster your bread will toast. And in the morning it is very important. In this case, there is no talk about increased energy consumption. Yes, the toaster will consume more electricity, but the cooking process will end much faster.

The production of toasters is practiced by almost all manufacturers of kitchen appliances. In our country, the easiest way to buy products Bosch, Philips, Polaris, Panasonic and Moulinex. These companies practice the production of various modifications of toasters, differing in their price tag. Low cost devices offer Supra, Scarlett, Vitek and Maxwell. Slightly more expensive are the models released by the forces Tefal. Well, toasters from KitchenAid at cost comparable to good refrigerators.

If you choose a toaster at random, it can lead to serious consequences. Sandwiches will stick to a sandwich maker that you definitely will not be pleased. A traditional toaster can ruin the interior of your kitchen, which is why you will quickly want to get rid of the purchased appliance. And the wrong toaster can be annoying for its slowness. It now seems to you that 5 minutes for which bread is fried is a short period of time. But in the morning every minute is precious!

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