Overview of the mobile air conditioner Ballu BPES-12C

Mobile air conditioner Ballu BPES-12C - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofmobile candy bar
Main modescooling
Maximum airflow5.3 cu. m / min
Cooling capacity12,000 BTU
Power in cooling mode3600 watts
Cooling power consumption1250 W
Fresh air modenot
Remote controlthere is
On / Off Timerthere is
Indoor unit split system or mobile air conditioner (WxHxD)45x74.6x39.3 cmn
Split system outdoor unit or window air conditioner (WxHxD)no
Refrigerant typeR 410A
Phasesingle phase
Fine air filtersnot
Other functions and featuressetting memory function
Additional Informationtemperature indicator

Reviews of mobile air conditioner Ballu BPES-12C


  • - Powerful
  • - No need to drain the water (evaporation into the pipe)
  • - looks good
  • - There is an adjustment of the direction of air flow
  • - cools well


  • Like all cell phones - a short and thick pipe, works noisier than split.
  • Indistinct interface - the modes are displayed in LED color, there are no signatures, the manual does not say which color corresponds to which mode

Pretty good device in terms of price / quality ratio, with a small BUT:
I got a copy, the compressor is quiet, the fan is also normal, but there is a resonance on the case. I handed over to the service - they were surprised at the defect, but they quickly repaired it. Now the volume works as a fan at high speeds. Room 18m2 Cools well. If there is no desire to mess around with the installation of the split and there is an opportunity to install a mobile phone - a great option.
Anonim 2012-05-08 Evaluation 4


  • 1. At a temperature of + 32 outside the window for an hour cools the room to + 24. Lepot.
  • 2. Cheapness
  • 3. Drain for 2 weeks was not needed. There is an assumption that removes water to the radiator and the steam comes out with hot air.
  • 4. Operated for 12 hours a day (from the moment of coming home until the morning) ... like nothing.


  • 1. Noises like a Soviet refrigerator. Constantly. Given the temperature conditions - not so important. Learned to sleep with him, standing by the bed - too pleasant to sleep when it is cool.
  • 2. Exhaust hot air in the back, in the middle. Corrugation is only 1.5 meters, but it can be extended with any goforshlang suitable diameter up to 4 meters.
  • 3. This is Chinese. I pray not to break. For there is no money for any BORK, and without an air conditioner in the apartment it is impossible to sleep.

Anonim 2010-07-19 Evaluation 4


  • Blowing like a good fan


  • For $ 600 is better to buy something else

The model does not correspond to the declared characteristics (up to 37 meters), the area of ​​13 meters cools only by 2-3 degrees, the output of hot air is made into the wall, that is, at 30 g. on the street in apartment 28. It should be noted that this model was bought in a reputable company in the city of Gomel, the seller said that it would completely solve our problems, and then called the master to us who stated that the device works, but does not fulfill its function, in the store in accordance with the law of consumer rights on the list of complex goods refused to return the money (this is the situation), so I do not advise.
xin xin, 2013-05-19 Evaluation 1


  • Cools well when properly installed.


  • Noisy, expensive, unreliable. And the main drawback that I would like to point out - if the power supply is lost, then the air conditioner itself does not return to its previous state, but gets into standby mode. And forgets all installations that were made on it. Thus, using it offline 24/7 will not work. Can work normally only under constant control.

Conde was bought in February 2013 to cool the mini-server room, where there is a stand with two computers and a mini-PBX. The area of ​​the room is 2 x 1.5 meters. there are no windows, but to remove air from kondeya, a duct was drilled into a brick wall into the street, and a blow pipe was connected to it. Outside, the duct was protected by a grille, which excluded the ingress of foreign objects and water. The device required only cooling, and he coped with this task with a bang - if you set him 16 degrees, then in a few minutes this temperature will be 100%. The standard default temperature is 24 degrees, and, in principle, it was enough for our tasks, the computers felt great, and the noise of the air conditioner from the door didn’t bother anyone. But for the household room it is very noisy, tortured.
After seven months of uninterrupted operation, the condo broke down. Mechanically. A completely plastic turbine (impeller), which stands on the blowing into the external duct, was destroyed. How this happened is not clear! Nobody touched the air conditioner. he stands in a locked room where no one except the admin comes in. The air duct is protected from the outside by the grille. Entry of a foreign object into the turbine is absolutely excluded. Nevertheless, the turbine completely collapsed by itself, after which it stuck the engine and the air conditioner rose. The service immediately said that it was not a warranty case, although only 9 months had passed from the purchase, i.e. warranty device. And I can not prove anything to them, because such a breakdown is mechanical damage. Fortunately, the repair (replacement) of this turbine is not very expensive. I hope that it was just a marriage of a specific part, and not a sore of a model.
In general - I do not recommend.
Zelenkov Nikolay, 2013-11-11 Evaluation 2

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