10 best thermal pots

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The author: Vasily Zuev

Thermopots are a cross between an electric kettle and a thermos. The electric kettle is considered the most energy-intensive household appliance; it is turned on many times a day, as a result, the bill for electricity payment from the owners of the appliance grows. Manufacturers of household appliances decided to combine the ability of the electric kettle to quickly heat the water and the ability of the thermos to maintain temperature. As a result of this design solution, thermopot appeared on the market. Such devices significantly reduce energy consumption, and their owners have the opportunity to use the water of the required temperature at any time.

The best thermopots of 2017-2018 (according to experts and according to reviews of ordinary customers) are in our rating.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap thermopots1Vitesse VS-1629.7 / 103 150
2Delta DL-3034/30359.4 / 102 230
3Great rivers Chaya-39.4 / 101 840
4Lumme LU-2969.0 / 103 967
The best thermopots of average volume1Panasonic NC-EG40009.9 / 109 120
2Panasonic NC-HU3019.9 / 1010 920
3Panasonic NC-PH30WTW9.7 / 105 190
4Brand 44049.7 / 104 370
The best thermopots for a large family1Zojirushi CD-LCQ5010 / 1015 630
The best powerful thermopots with fast heating1REDMOND RTP-M8029.0 / 103 690

The best cheap thermopots

Vitesse VS-162
3 150
Stylish thermoshots are produced in unusual for kitchen appliances colors - there are purple, green or more familiar silver ones, but with a geometric print all over the surface. The 4 L flask is made of stainless steel - durable and hygienic. The average power of the device - 750 watts. There is an automatic and mechanical pump for water supply, so even with a power outage you can drink a cup of hot tea. There is a filter against scale, long boiling mode - to remove chlorine from the water.
Main advantages:
  • a flask from a durable stainless steel;
  • electric and mechanical pumps;
  • large volume;
  • stylish body colors;
  • there is a regime of long boiling.
  • It is difficult to remove the factory sticker from the case.
9.7 / 10
Wonderful teapot, which is always warm water for tea or coffee. It saves energy and time, it is easy - you can easily fold it into a bag and take it with you to the dacha.
Delta DL-3034/3035
2 230
Bright thermal streak with coloring of the case under Gzhel. The claimed volume is quite large - 4.5 liters, although users in reviews say that the device actually holds a little less water - about 4.2 liters. When boiling consumes 1000 watts of electricity, and to maintain heat - only 35 watts. There are 2 ways to supply water, built-in function of water dechlorination and re-boiling. The body rotates on the base at 3600, so pouring water is convenient from either side. The outer walls are double, made of heat-resistant plastic that does not burn when touched.
Main advantages:
  • large volume;
  • unusual design;
  • 2 ways to supply water;
  • There is a function of dechlorination.
  • volume slightly less than stated.
9.4 / 10
Nice beautiful thermopot, made with high quality, the lid closes easily, but very tightly. Boiled in the evening, in the morning you can immediately brew a bag of tea without waiting, the temperature of the water does not burn.
Great rivers Chaya-3
1 840

A thermos kettle from the Russian brand “Great Rivers” successfully combines decent build quality, good characteristics and, which is especially valuable along with the previous epithets, a low price. Not surprisingly, the model is very popular in the domestic market.

The device is equipped with a removable power cord, and the case has the ability to rotate 360 ​​°. The useful volume of a flask is 3.2 liters, which is enough for an average family for comfortable everyday use. The inner surface is made of stainless steel.

Of the stated capabilities, three modes of water supply are worth noting, the function of maintaining the temperature and power of 750 W, which, perhaps, is not particularly large, but it is quite enough for such a volume.

Main advantages:
  • Stylish design with original design;
  • Convenient water level scale;
  • Affordable price.
  • Weak insulation;
  • Assembly - China.
9.4 / 10
It is a reliable and convenient thermopot at an attractive price. If you wish, of course, you can try to find minor flaws as an assembly, but at such a price you don’t even want to do this.
Lumme LU-296
3 967
Inexpensive thermobot with the case from strong stainless steel. With a volume of 3.2 liters, the device has a power of 900 W, and consumes only 30 watts to maintain the temperature. Fully filled with water, according to reviews, it boils in 20 minutes. The control is very simple, there are no settings - when turned on the network, the thermo sweat starts to heat the water, after boiling it goes into heating mode. Such a device is well suited for elderly relatives or in a crowded office. The water supply is only mechanical, and the filling button is pressed tightly enough.
Main advantages:
  • durable stainless steel body and flask;
  • good power;
  • simple operation
  • only manual water supply;
  • can splash water when too full and when water runs out
  • tight pump button.
9.0 / 10
We bought a thermotube with the birth of a child, it is much more convenient to part with it at night. Inexpensive, comfortable, fits well in the kitchen, heats up quickly and keeps the temperature quite stable.

The best thermopots of average volume

Panasonic NC-EG4000
9 120
A classic 4 liter thermopot with a capacity of 700 watts. The stepped thermostat provides 4 heating modes - from 700C for baby food to 980C for brewing noodles and some varieties of black tea. The double walls of the case are made of plastic, and they heat up a little - be careful. Coal coating inside the flask further purifies the water, improving its taste. A convenient timer for 6 hours will help save energy - it turns off the electricity for a specified time, and at the end boils water.
Main advantages:
  • 4 temperature conditions;
  • timer to save energy;
  • useful coal coating flask;
  • there is a drip function for coffee;
  • clear menu.
  • the case heats up a little;
  • no manual water supply.
9.9 / 10
Thermopot is quiet, convenient timer - just 6 hours is enough for the night. Good for a family of 4-5 people, the volume is usually enough for the whole day without topping. The smell of a stranger was not, which is also a plus.
Panasonic NC-HU301
10 920

A very decent model from a popular Japanese brand in a laconic design and in the "accompanying" really serious functional and operational characteristics. The price tag may not be pleasant to everyone, but it is for objective reasons. Not only that, Panasonic - it already sounds proud, but also the model has a lot of advantages.

And there is something to see:

  • Pump with protection from strait;
  • Built-in battery that supports filling function regardless of network connection (and this is mobility);
  • Coal internal coating to improve drinking water quality;
  • U-Vip insulation that can reduce power consumption by up to 42%;
  • Support for 3 temperature conditions (80, 90 and 98 ° C);
  • Tea function to optimize the preparation of a popular drink.
Main advantages:
  • 4 types of filling speed;
  • Microprocessor thermal control;
  • Timer for 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours;
  • Non-stick easily cleaned coating;
  • Self cleaning function.
  • High price;
  • Small volume - 3 liters.
9.9 / 10
The best thermopot for all connoisseurs of tea and other freshly hot drinks. A very important quality model - excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of accurate and reliable electronics. Water quality is always at its best, cleaning is no problem.
Panasonic NC-PH30WTW
5 190
A small 3 liter thermowat consumes 700 W during heating and only 25 W to maintain the temperature. He has 2 modes - 600C for infant formula and 980C for hot drinks. A vacuum insulation panel is laid between the walls of the case, which retains the heat of the water even when the electricity is disconnected and does not allow the case to become very hot. Brand coating inside the bulb reduces scale formation. The only drawback is that there is no automatic water supply, but the hand pump is quite comfortable and reliable.
Main advantages:
  • good thermal insulation of the case;
  • 2 temperature conditions;
  • There is a self-cleaning function.
  • There is no automatic water filling.
9.7 / 10
An irreplaceable thing, we don’t remember about the teapot anymore. Manual pump in fact does not bother at all, a reliable thing. Temperature holds well, high-quality thermal insulation is noticeable - 4 hours is enough.
Brand 4404
4 370
The 4 liter thermopot is produced in a black and white case. Bright lights clearly highlight the water level, in the dark it can even be used as a night light. All parameters are conveniently displayed on the LCD - current and set temperature, selected mode, timer. Stepped thermostat allows you to set the heating from 45 to 980C. At the end of boiling, the thermotube makes a pleasant melodic signal, inviting you to pour a cup of tea. But during heating it will not be possible to pour water.
Main advantages:
  • informative display;
  • bright illumination of the water level;
  • 4 temperature conditions;
  • automatic and manual water supply.
  • Do not pour water during boiling.
9.7 / 10
The high-quality device - at long idle time "falls asleep", saving electricity. If you forget to pour water into an empty tank, nothing terrible will happen, smart technology. After boiling it makes a pleasant sound, not loud, but you can hear it well in treshka.

The best thermopots for a large family

Zojirushi CD-LCQ50
15 630

Zojirushi CD-LCQ50 is a capacious thermal brand of a Japanese brand. To some extent, the model is unique, since the best and most famous manufacturers of thermo kettles for some unknown reason are represented on the market mainly by models up to 4 liters. But Zojirushi also took care of large families. Although, perhaps, the Japanese thought more about office workers. Power 5-liter unit - 800 watts.

Features of the model:

  • Microprocessor control and temperature control;
  • Dechlorination of water during boiling;
  • Three temperature regimes - 60, 90, 98 ° C;
  • Blocking unplanned water supply;
  • Slow feed mode for brewing coffee;
  • Delay timer for 7 hours;
  • Teflon coating flasks with easy cleaning;
  • Steam release lock.
Main advantages:
  • Large capacity;
  • Teflon coating flask;
  • Self-cleaning scale;
  • Production - Japan.
  • High price.
10 / 10
I changed two thermopots, each of which did not last even two years. Now bought Zojirushi and finally satisfied. Yes, dear! But now more than three years working without the slightest criticism. And I am sure that will continue as well.

The best powerful thermopots with fast heating

3 690

A powerful thermotube of 5 liters will be very convenient for a large family. There are three temperature gradations: 60 ° C - for preparing infant formula; 90 ° C - for fast food and brewing green tea; 98 ° C - for making black tea, cocoa or coffee. Functionally, the RTP-M802 is very diverse: it can warm up water, and it can quickly cool to 62 ° C. There is a power saving mode, in the absence of light in the room, the device enters a state of waiting.

Main advantages:
  • High power
  • Three temperature settings
  • Large volume
  • Cooling fan
  • 2 ways to spill water
  • No heat off button
  • Heats up the top cover
9.0 / 10
Large volume - 5 liters, nice, comfortable, you can set a different temperature.

Which thermowat is better to buy?

A good thermobot is a thermobot, which is well-built and reliable, stable, has a clear control and a Russified menu. It will not turn on if there is no water in it, it has a self-cleaning function and an internal coal coating that improves water and prevents scale formation. It is convenient when the device can operate in several temperature conditions (for example, 98 ° for black tea, 40 ° for baby food, etc.). It does not interfere with the presence of a sound signal warning of the completion of a given program. It’s great if the thermal bubble has additional functions that you personally need (for example, a rotating stand or a delayed start function).

Therefore, we advise you not to strive for the minimum price, but to choose a high-quality thermopot from a trusted manufacturer. Enjoy your tea!

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