8 best gifts to the hunter

No shaving cream

If people did not have a hobby, their life would be much more difficult even in small things. Indeed, when you want to make a gift, you involuntarily think about it - and what will be really pleasant? It is not for nothing that the mention of shaving accessories is subtitled: the author at one time grew his beard in many respects precisely in order to finally get rid of the ever-growing collection of accessories to remove excess vegetation. But, if the addressee of the gift has some kind of passion, and the options appear under any budget, and the gift will be much better.

Every (or almost every) boy loves a weapon. Well, a man, as you know, differs from a boy only in the cost of toys. So, if you want to make a good gift to a person who is even a purely formal hunter (and the opportunity to shoot at your pleasure in our realities is most advantageous if you have a free federal-style hunting ticket), ideas for gifts will be the sea! Let's try to offer at least a few options from this “sea”.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap gifts to the hunter1The cartridge belt HSN K-12/24 closed9.9 / 10700
2Weapon oil Ballistol9.8 / 10700
3Front sight HiViz SPARK II front sight green universal9.6 / 10740
The best gifts to the hunter in the middle price category1Set for cleaning of the weapon of 12 caliber Stil Crin9.8 / 102 750
2Flask in a genuine leather case9.8 / 101 500
3Olympus 8x40 DPS I binoculars9.7 / 105 490
4Classic thermos thermos FBB-1000 (1 l)9.7 / 104 299
The best expensive gifts to the hunter1Garmin eTrex 10 Navigator9.8 / 108 090

The best cheap gifts to the hunter

The cartridge belt HSN K-12/24 closed
The main thing in the gift is not the price, but “pleasantness”. The cartridge belt from the Cheboksary firm CHF will fall into both categories at once - it will cost at the level of Aliexpress, and the hunter will definitely use it. Such a gift isn’t like a fan of “anti-aircraft gunfire” at watering cracks ... but in the hunting environment, the term “anti-aircraft gunner” has long been a dirty word. For a hunter who does not like salvo shooting a la Flugabwehrkanone 38, a 24-seat cartridge belt will be enough for more than one day of hunting.

The cartridge belt is made of synthetic fabric, so there is no risk that the cartridges will “bite” in the nests, as is the case with variable humidity with the skin. Conveniently, the manufacturer has divided the cartridge belt into four sections: after all, usually permission to the OOOPs or vouchers to the secured lands are taken into several types of game, and this separation will allow you to select the appropriate cartridge as quickly as possible by touch.

There are five colors of the proposed cartridge case: two monochromatic (black and khaki), "reed", "forest" and a kind of spotted camouflage, similar in drawing most of all to the hybrid of the "pixel" era with the "taiga". The choice is not bad, although it would not hurt the "cartoons" and "moss".

It is curious that the design of this cartridge belt provides not only the usual belt mount or perekidku over the shoulder in the style of bandolier, but also the connection of a simple suspension system on the shoulders. Thus, the cartridge belt turns into an improvised RPS, on the waist belt of which you can hang additional pouches.

Main advantages:
  • Good quality and functionality at a low price.
  • Ability to use as a belt RPS
  • Sections for 4 rounds are not always convenient - and if I need to take five rounds with different equipment?
9.9 / 10
The thing is comfortable, and, which is important for duck hunting, “bathing” tolerates well.
Weapon oil Ballistol
700 (spray 200 ml)

Another version of the gift to the hunter, who seems to be purely utilitarian, but at the same time is not so cheap that it seems to be formal at the level of "chupa-chups". You can not love ballistol (note that this word itself became a common nickname of the trademark name, as it did with copiers and pampers), you can complain, which is already there, on the sharp smell, but for more than a hundred years it remains an excellent oil for cleaning weapons. Moreover, his recipe, developed as early as World War I as universal, remains universal now: for example, they can clean a damask knife, effectively removing traces of corrosion and protecting it from further occurrence, “shed” them leather shoes ... No, in fact Indeed, it is difficult to find such a universal analogue of "Ballistol", and homemade counterparts, according to recipes from the Internet, no matter how cool, work worse. Moreover, the spray is consumed quite economically.

So, unlike shaving foam in the same aerosol package, the “Ballistol” balloon will be useful to the hunter more often, and such a gift will definitely be more original!

Main advantages:
  • Unequivocal practical benefits
  • Peculiar odor
9.8 / 10
Always useful. It is a little expensive, of course, so that in the form of a gift is definitely the most!)
Front sight HiViz SPARK II front sight green universal

And let's be original! Please: here you have the smallest gift that the hunter will definitely like. The main thing is to make sure that his fiber gun is no longer worth a fiber-optic front sight, otherwise it will come out as with a gift of an already purchased book, is it logical?

Despite the small size, such a gift will be remembered with a kind word all the time: whatever one may say, and the fiber-optic front sight is much more convenient than ordinary brass, especially at dusk. And, although such a front sight is less effective than variants with a long optical fiber, but it rises, as they say, bolt-on: the standard one is turned out, the new one is twisted. Without any risk of tearing or losing.

So you can believe the author: he would not have refused such a gift. Alas, I had to buy myself ...

Main advantages:
  • Unambiguous "utility" for all types of grass-snakes with a classic aiming bar
  • Famous brand (what to hide - for a gift this thing is not the last)
  • If the addressee of the gift already has a fiber-optic fly (except for the wretched “Cat's Eye”, of course), the gift will go to the shelf
9.6 / 10
In the evening hunt, it helps a lot: it immediately catches the eye, the brass "pimp" was lost.

The best gifts to the hunter in the middle price category

Set for cleaning of the weapon of 12 caliber Stil Crin
2 750 (option in the case with additions)
Shoot - clean! Of course, some “unique people” even boast that they clean the gun once a year, but a normal shooter will never do that. So, the corporate set Stil Crin in a convenient case will definitely like the recipient of the gift.

Benefit and options this company offers a lot, there are even options where the set combines nozzles for cleaning smooth-bore and rifled weapons: such a set is useful and the owner of several weapons, and the hunter, who prefers to hunt with "combination", be it at least 94, even Goering's legendary tee (Sauer drilling).

This is perhaps one of the most useful options for a gift: you can carry ammunition not in cartridge belts, but in your pouch, you can wear a hydrator instead of a flask, but you will always have to clean the weapon!

Main advantages:
  • The gift is unique and pleasant and useful.
  • Good quality of the ramrod itself and nozzles for it
  • Is that the need to change the nozzles, if the gift holder wants to change the caliber
9.8 / 10
I wear a “lace” to hunt, so that the main part of the soot can be quickly removed, and already at home (especially in winter, so that the gun “sweats out”) I clean it with this set.
Flask in a genuine leather case
1,500 (and more expensive)
We do not at all urge you to abuse alcohol when carrying a weapon, and, frankly, a plastic bottle in the bag will be much more convenient for unloading ... but we choose a good gift for the hunter, right? A flask of stainless steel in a leather case with a thematic pattern will surely please the hunter.

The blessing and choice in the stores is so wide that, with all our desire, we cannot describe a specific product. The main thing is to pay attention not only to the “beautiful”, but also to the quality: agree that in the most beautiful case a badly-soldered flask that flows right onto your foot will definitely spoil all the pleasure from the gift.

Main advantages:
  • Huge selection of volumes, shapes and options
  • Cheap flasks are often badly soldered.
9.8 / 10
Well, I will not say that it is often necessary ... But for the same discovery of hunting, yes, why not take it?
Olympus 8x40 DPS I binoculars
5 490

A hunter may never use binoculars, but he will definitely not refuse such a gift. With not the most “lethal” price, this binocular from the old Japanese company does not look like “otdarkom”, provides excellent image quality and is assembled at a decent level. Of course, aesthetes and “experts” from the Internet can say their “fi” after seeing a purely plastic case and not the best enlightenment ... But, anyway, the price of this binocular is slightly higher than that of more or less high-quality binoculars from Aliexpress! (we will not mention the fake “Baigyshs” and simply Bijia curves for one and a half to two thousand).

And it is in its price range that Olympus is really good. Although the lenses are darkish, they provide excellent image quality - this is both sharpness and minimum aberrations at the edges of the visual field. The width of this is also quite good for this size of lenses. Therefore, on the shelf of the owner of the gift Olympus 8x40 DPS I, most likely, will not become dusty.

Main advantages:
  • Good quality optics
  • Worthy ergonomics
  • Tripod Socket
  • Weak enlightenment optics
9.7 / 10
On the mountain hunt very much rescued, great stuff!
Classic thermos thermos FBB-1000 (1 l)
4 299

Another case where the brand name has become “speaking”. Even more than a hundred years ago, Thermos GmbH turned purely industrial Dewar vessels intended for the storage of liquefied gases into a very useful thing for short exits “to nature”. The most curious thing is that James Dewar did not even patent his invention, having considered it commercially meaningless, but after the appearance of thermoses on the market, he immediately filed a lawsuit against their creators. Hehe, not one pan Sapkowski entered the history of jurisprudence as a symbol of "lost profits." However, in another, the company is symbolic - it was founded by the Germans, its products became popular in America, and the brand has long been owned by the Japanese. Classic world globalization, anyway.

From the "founding fathers" inevitably waiting for reference quality, even if not for the lowest price. Indeed, the Thermos thermos (may the spirit of Rosenthal for the tautology forgive us) cope with its task just fine: it is actually “long-playing”. Going on a hunt in the winter, the owner of such a gift will be able to drink hot tea when the owners of Stanley and Arctic (not to mention the Chinese “nouneymah”) look for how to warm up the frozen reserves.

Main advantages:
  • The convenience of use
  • Long lasting heat retention
  • Talking brand
  • High price
9.7 / 10
For the winter thing! Heat keeps for a very long time.

The best expensive gifts to the hunter

Garmin eTrex 10 Navigator
8 090

At first glance, the most accessible Garmin navigator may seem uninteresting: in fact, nowadays cheap smartphones even have a larger screen and you can load any kind of maps. But everything is not so simple: during the exits “far away and for a long time” the battery in the phone is not enough, it turns out that in the forest it is far from receiving the signal of the satellites so well ... Therefore, the battery-powered tourist navigator with offline maps is small, but really ": He will help out always.

Although the navigator is simple in appearance, it supports simultaneous operation with 24 satellites, and it “sees” both GPS and GLONASS: this is especially important in northern latitudes. It’s not for nothing that in the Scandinavian countries GLONASS navigators gained popularity, despite the GPS spin-up: whatever one may say, the satellite group created back in Soviet times is much more effective (which is not surprising, considering that the noble cause of the plans to create the Great American of the strait between Canada and Mexico, the North Sea fleet played a significant role).

For the hunter, most likely, the navigation itself will be the most useful, as well as the preservation of the tracks - and it is easier to return home from an unfamiliar place, and remembering the way to the cherished clearing where the grouse trots the spring for the trophy is easy too.

Of course, in order to reduce the cost and energy efficiency, some sacrifices had to be made (both the display is small and the processor is “stupid”). But on one set of Garmin batteries it can withstand up to 25 hours of work: so, can your smartphone be able to compete with it in the depths of the forest?

Main advantages:
  • Versatility: useful for hunting, and fishing, and in the usual campaign
  • Good GPS / GLONASS reception
  • Small display
  • Alas, not the fact that your friends decide to fork out and on the most budget "Garmin"
9.8 / 10
Excellent and unkillable "magic": it works fine even in the taiga!

So what to give to the hunter?

We did not inflate the volume of this article to infinity, although it was potentially capable of it. In fact, if you know well the person to whom you are going to make a gift, you will hardly be puzzled for a long time. Yes, and prejudices are hardly worth paying attention to: for example, knives seem to be donated, but what kind of a hunter will refuse a good blade, even a pocket one, even if it grows to a machete, isn't it?

So the main thing is your fantasy. Well, we, in turn, just gave you directions for thought.

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