6 best manicure sets

Hands - girl's business card (Coco Chanel)

Sleek pens - a mandatory component of a seductive female image. And without a well-groomed marigold, the picture will be incomplete - it’s not for nothing that in each season there are new requirements for the shape of nails and their decorative coating. Beautiful manicure is always in trend!

Now, many girls, trying to save time, and finances, too, prefer to do a manicure on their own. And here you can not do without a personal assistant - a high-quality manicure set. And in order not to miscalculate and not waste money, it is worth exploring some subtleties before buying.

How to choose a good set for a manicure

First you need to decide which manicure set you prefer - electric or manual. The first is easiest to use at home, the second is more convenient to take with you on a business trip or a trip.

Electrical models can be battery powered, battery powered, or mains powered. It’s better to discard the battery option right away - most likely, their weak charge is not enough even for one full-fledged manicure. Ideally, the unit can be powered from both a power outlet and battery. You should also pay attention to the power of the device - if it is capable of making more than 5,000 revolutions, this will allow using it not only on natural, but also on extended nails. And, of course, we must look at the equipment - the more nozzles in the set, the more functional it is.

As for hand sets, the key role is played by the material from which the tools are made. The best and durable manicure sets are made of stainless steel or cobalt alloy, the rest are unlikely to last a long time. You also need to make sure that all items are properly sharpened. Well, it will not be superfluous to take a closer look at the case - how compact and comfortable it is, whether the instrument is conveniently located in it, or if the zipper fastens well. The highest quality and proven hand sets are produced by the German company Zwilling, the domestic brand Kaizer, the brands Zinger and Staleks.

And our rating of the best manicure sets, based on the opinions of professionals and reviews of ordinary users, will help you to quickly decide.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Electric Manicure Kits1Scarlett SC-MS950059.8 / 101 550
2Beurer MP 609.7 / 103 990
3Redmond RNC-49019.6 / 102 250
Best Hand Manicure Sets1Zwilling9.9 / 1012 215
2Zinger9.8 / 102 000
3Stalex9.8 / 102 100

Top Electric Manicure Kits

Scarlett SC-MS95005
1 550

Set brand Scarlett can be used for manicure and pedicure. It includes eleven tips and a cuticle wand, and in addition to them is a built-in hydromassage bath for hands and a drying function for varnish. Power cutters - 9000 revolutions per minute, the number of speeds - two.

Large and small conical and cylindrical nozzle made of natural stone. Also, the kit includes several rough disc nozzles, a felt polishing disc, a spatula and a spherical nozzle, and a round brush.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • hydromassage of the fingers;
  • a wide range of nozzles;
  • cutters spinning in both directions;
  • the device works from the accumulator and from a network;
  • The set is suitable for both hands and feet.
  • drying varnish works weakly;
  • not very convenient gearshift in the form of a flat wheel.
9.8 / 10
I used several other electric manicure tools before, and Scarlett seemed to me the best of them. I do manicure and pedicure myself, I use the set every week, I like everything.
Beurer MP 60
3 990

The German manicure set MP 60 from Beurer is suitable for both manicure and pedicure. The device is completed with nine replaceable nozzles and a wire for inclusion in a network which are placed in special cells in a protective case. Power device - 2600-6100 revolutions per minute.

The set includes: sapphire cones and sapphire discs, a felt cone, a bur shaped flame, a cylindrical borehole, a needle and a round sapphire bore. This range of cutters allows you to polish and process nails, soles and heels, remove the cuticle, grind off horny skin, remove ingrown nails and calluses. The device can work without interruption up to 15 minutes.

Main advantages:
  • a large number of nozzles;
  • rotating them in both directions;
  • convenient power adjustment;
  • reliable storage case;
  • suitable for arms and legs.
  • short power cable;
  • inability to work offline;
  • high price.
9.7 / 10
And why did I not decide on an electric manicure set before? This is much better than the usual manual! I use all the nozzles, now I always have well-groomed handles, beautiful nails and soft heels.
Redmond RNC-4901
2 250

With the Redmond manicure set, you can arrange a miniature beauty salon at home. The kit, besides the apparatus itself, sticks for removing the cuticle and nine nozzles, also included a bath with a finger bath, a drying for nails with a UV lamp and a fan, as well as a compartment for scenting the air with your favorite ethers or perfumery water during a manicure. The cutters are suitable for arms and legs, the speed of rotation is 5,000-10000 revolutions per minute.

The ultraviolet lamp in the kit is designed for disinfection, and not for drying special varnishes. Among the nozzles there are cylindrical, conical, spherical, disk, as well as a brush head, some have a diamond coating.

Main advantages:
  • multifunctionality;
  • the ability to work on the network and battery;
  • large selection of nozzles;
  • long power cord;
  • can be used for manicure and pedicure.
  • A UV lamp is not suitable for drying gel polishes;
  • nozzles rotate only in one direction;
  • at first speed, the device does not have enough power;
  • hot tub cramped and unheated.
9.6 / 10
Received this set as a gift - I can not get enough! Personally, I see in it mostly pluses. From the hydromassage fingers just bastard, with all the nozzles immediately made friends - for me this is the best manicure set.

Best Hand Manicure Sets

12 215 (the price is for a manicure Zwilling Twinox Manicure sets of 5 items)

The German company Zwilling J. A. Henckels, known worldwide as a manufacturer of premium manicure tools, was founded over 250 years ago. During this time, its products reached perfection! For the manufacture of tools used patented stainless steel cryokalcion FRIODUR®. It has increased hardness and high anti-corrosion properties and is capable of holding sharpening up to 15 years. No wonder that thousands of professionals recognized Zwilling manicure kits and tools as the best in their segment.

The sets are enclosed in covers made of genuine leather or in ebony boxes. There are sets with different numbers of items, from three to twelve, as well as children's sets in funny cases in the form of animals.

Main advantages:
  • durable leather or wooden cases;
  • sharp quality tools;
  • individual kits are sharpened by hand;
  • a huge range of sets for every taste.
  • very high price.
9.9 / 10
My husband brought me a set of five items Zwilling from a business trip to Germany. Yes, the price tag is impressive, but the tool is really royal! Sharp, stylish, comfortable in the hand - I recommend it.
2 000 (price is for Zinger MSFE-601-S manicure set)

Zinger manicure sets (Germany) are one of the most popular, and hundreds of women in reviews confidently call them the best. Tools are made of wear-resistant nickel-plated, gold-plated, brushed or tinted stainless steel and are hand-sharpened.

The manufacturer offers universal kits for manicure and pedicure, men's, travel, professional series and, of course, a huge number of women's sets in a variety of formats - in cases, in purses, in cases and in beautiful boxes.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • manual sharpening;
  • a wide range of manicure sets for every taste.
  • not found
9.8 / 10
I have been using the Zinger kit for more than seven years now - and the tools are as good as new, it feels like they are timeless! With their help, I make a beautiful manicure, no worse than the salon. Recommend.
2 100 (price shown for manicure set Stalex Snake NM-01)

Staleks manicure sets are made of surgical stainless steel. Such material is durable and easily tolerates any methods of disinfection. The cutting part of the tool is sharpened manually. The nail blogger and the creator of her own collection of nail polish, Anna Gorelova, in her review, gave the kits from Staleks a high rating and recommended them for purchase.

Among the manufacturer's manicure sets there are professional, home, travel and gift ones. In addition, you can collect a personal kit, forming its contents for individual orders.

Main advantages:
  • loyal value;
  • manual sharpening tools;
  • sets for every taste and color;
  • the ability to create your own kit.
  • not found
9.8 / 10
Since the first time I made a manicure with the tools of Staleks, I don’t look at others any more - they don’t look for good things, they are the best! Excellent sharpened, comfortable, in a beautiful leather case. I sincerely advise.

We wish you to find the best manicure set that faithfully serve its owner for more than a decade!

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