5 best firms of children's clothing manufacturers

Meet on clothes - on the choice of children's clothing

Most parents are faced with the problem of choosing the best children's clothing even before the birth of the baby, while purchasing the first wardrobe. This issue is becoming more relevant as the child grows. Moreover, the peculiarity of our climate is the purchase of demi-season and winter clothing.

It is necessary to be attentive to the purchase of children's clothes, because it is better that we not only like her outwardly, but also meet the following characteristics:

  • underwear and clothing adjacent to the body should be made of natural fabrics;
  • clothes should be easy to wash, not deform and not fade from frequent washings.

The fact that the child wears daily should not hamper his movements, the soft fabric will not irritate the delicate skin, and the beautiful design will please the mother. For the upper wardrobe increased requirements. Since such things are bought for at least 1 season, they should be:

  • durable;
  • waterproof;
  • non-mark;
  • easy to clean and wash;
  • just put on and take off;
  • dry quickly;
  • warm in cold weather;
  • remove excess heat and moisture with increased activity of the child.

It is quite difficult to pick up something suitable, but it’s quite difficult to choose the right piece of clothing with your child for hours, so we offer you TOP-6 of the best, proven manufacturers of children's clothing that only make quality and practical things.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Baby Clothing Manufacturers1Mothercare9.8 / 101 199
2Yulla9.7 / 10130
The best manufacturers of children's wear for everyday wear1April9.5 / 101 350
2Gulliver9.5 / 102 000
The best manufacturers of outerwear for children1Lassie by Reima9.9 / 103 599

Top Baby Clothing Manufacturers

1 199 (for body "Fawn", 3 pcs. In the package)

For over 50 years, Mothercare has established itself as a high-quality manufacturer of products for babies and expectant mothers. In their retail stores you can buy literally everything for a child from birth to 10 years. Especially good is their branded children's clothing. It is distinguished by its beauty and quality, it is not deformed during frequent washings and can be inherited by younger brothers and sisters.

Things for babies and small children are made from soft 100% cotton, all fasteners and buttons are made without nickel content, so as not to cause irritation on sensitive skin. The products are very soft, with well-treated seams. Cute design will appeal to even the fastidious moms. In addition, Mothercare branded children's clothing can be a very good budget option, as promotions often take place at discount stores, and also sell children's little things in a package.

Main advantages:
  • quality;
  • wear resistance;
  • softness;
  • Beautiful design;
  • in stores often there are promotions and sale of children's things in a package of several pieces at a reduced price.
  • not.
9.8 / 10
I like Mothercare kidswear very much, I consider it to be the best, quality and wear, it preserves the appearance after frequent washings, it is very important for children's clothes. This is one of the brands that are inherited from an older child to a younger one.
130 (for a body with a long sleeve, 86-92 size)

A beginner, but rapidly developing domestic manufacturer of children's clothing and clothing for babies, who quickly won the love and trust of many young parents. Natural, high-quality fabrics, bright design and attractive prices are the distinguishing features of the manufacturer. All knitwear made in accordance with GOST, the so-called yarn jersey is made exclusively from soft natural material that does not irritate delicate skin, perfectly wicks moisture and breaths. Things are designed for frequent washing, they do not fade and do not deform even at high temperatures. Unusual cut and bright design like adults and children.

Main advantages:
  • small price;
  • good quality;
  • quality material;
  • bright design.
  • Some things are too small.
9.7 / 10
We have quite a lot of things manufacturer "Smolensky children's knitwear Yulla." I will tell you a great quality, the price is very affordable. The truth is, there is one tiny drawback of the fact that some things are too small.

The best manufacturers of children's wear for everyday wear

1 350 (for a set of home clothes: a jacket with a long sleeve and trousers)

The Yaroslavl factory April is engaged in sewing upper and linen knitwear for children from birth to 14 years. A distinctive feature of this manufacturer are high-quality natural materials, bright design and friendly prices. The company produces clothing in the following areas:

  • thematic collections;
  • home clothes;
  • collection underwear;
  • thermal underwear;
  • clothes for school and kindergarten;
  • elite crochet - knitwear for the smallest.

Among the models of the manufacturer, any parent can choose good suitable clothes for his child for comfortable daily wear. In 2015, April products were awarded the State Quality Mark.

Main advantages:
  • quality knitwear;
  • beautiful clothes;
  • wide range of;
  • low prices.
  • some models have a size mismatch;
  • there is a small marriage.
9.5 / 10
When I first saw the clothes of this company, I immediately paid attention to the interesting design. Collections are often changed and kept in the same style. Knitwear is very soft and pleasant to the touch.
2,000 (for a gray t-shirt, size 152, 158)

For almost 2 decades, Gulliver has been making children and their parents happy with their products. Their distinctive feature is the production and sale of stylish children's clothes, accessories and toys. In branded stores, you can easily dress boys and girls in the best things, from clothes, to outerwear, shoes, backpacks and other trifles.

There are 4 main age areas for sale:

  • BABY 0-2 years;
  • MINI 2-6 years;
  • KIDS 7-10 years;
  • TEENS 11-15 years.

The best designers are working on children's clothing manufacturer, to constantly update and expand collections. And, although this splendor is not cheap, one cannot deny the excellent quality of all products.

Main advantages:
  • quality;
  • stylish design;
  • a large number of convenience stores;
  • wide range of;
  • demi-season discounts.
  • high prices.
9.5 / 10
We are buying this brand from a very young age. Satisfied with her as an elephant. Worn perfectly, does not fade, does not sit down, does not bear. We give it in very good condition, despite my very active "pig."

The best manufacturers of outerwear for children

Lassie by Reima
3,599 (for the size of the romper size 74)

The Finnish company Lassie began its existence in the distant 1959, but in the nineties it was bought by another large company for sewing children's clothes, known all over the world - Reima. Since the mother brand has been attracting Russian mothers for many years with its practicality, recently Lassie clothes are becoming more and more readily available - in addition to preserving all the main brand qualities, it is significantly cheaper.

What is the secret of the popularity of this brand? The fact is that Lassie stuff:

  • do not get wet;
  • few get dirty;
  • maintain a wide range of temperatures;
  • the membrane removes moisture and retains heat, so the child does not feel hot with active movement;
  • suitable for both demi-season slush, and for the Russian winter.

It is not necessary to wash such children's clothes every time after a walk; they can be cleaned outside, as dirt is easily removed. A bright catchy colors will delight children and parents. The range is represented by jackets, coats and overalls of varying degrees of insulation, as well as hats and shoes.

Main advantages:
  • quality;
  • practicality;
  • prices are lower than that of counterparts;
  • ideal for our climate.
  • average wear resistance of the fabric;
  • Some models have a size mismatch.
9.9 / 10
Clothing Lassie made in Finland, and sews as usual China. Advantages: material with moisture and wind protection, very high quality, easy to clean, just for St. Petersburg autumn. But tailoring is not very good.

Of course, every parent wants to buy only the best for the child, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase designer items. Children grow very quickly, and most things do not linger longer than one season, this is especially noticeable to those who have several children.

On the other hand, now almost everyone has the opportunity to purchase branded goods at affordable prices: well-known companies periodically arrange sales, and domestic manufacturers are trying to catch up to the level of their foreign counterparts. Thus, there is always an alternative.

The more prosperous parents will be suited by the stylish Mothercare and Gulliver, and those who want to save money are domestic Yulla and April. That, however, does not speak about the poor quality of the latter. And we consider Lassie to be the best manufacturer of winter children's clothes, as an example of an ideal value for money, quality and practicality.