7 best indirect heating boilers

Hot water at someone else's expense

Indirect heating boilers create the desired temperature of the water poured into them at the expense of other coolants. For example, water or antifreeze heated by boilers, central heating system and so on. Owners of city apartments who want to significantly reduce the amount in bills for hot water supply and electricity can also appreciate the advantages of using such storage water heaters.

What indirect heating boilers can be considered the best?

Some important selection criteria for indirect heating boilers

Volume of the tank

This parameter is chosen in a similar way with electric "drives", depending on the number of active users and targets. Only in this case the value will also be connected with the power of the connected boiler, the temperature of the heating medium in the heating system.

Heat exchanger design

Can be applied:

  • Tubular coil One - in a standard format, two - in models with the ability to connect to an alternative source of thermal energy;
  • Boilers with the "tank in the tank." They consist of two containers (usually of "stainless steel") of different sizes, inserted one into the other. The inner one is filled with the so-called sanitary water, the second one contains the heat carrier providing heating.

Tank material

There are 3 options:

  • stainless steel;
  • enameled steel;
  • titanium coating.

Most often the first two species are found. In any case, the anti-corrosion properties of the material are important, and for greater reliability, attention should be paid to the presence of a magnesium anode (especially in the case of choosing a less expensive boiler with an enamelled tank).

Supported working pressure

This parameter can be seen in the specification. Depending on the model, the range varies from 6 to 11 bar (usually 6-7).

A very important indicator for those who put the boiler in the apartment. Domestic plumbing systems are characterized by pressure surges, sometimes twice the standard, and safety valves can become clogged. And in order not to curse the innocent manufacturer, there is a reason to install the gearbox at the entrance and calmly rejoice at the perfect operation of the boiler without any leaks.

Availability of heating elements

No matter how good and economical indirect water heater, and sometimes the heating may simply be absent. Then the combined models with the addition of electric (gas) heating elements are relevant. Simply put, a model with a heat exchanger and heating elements, when the supply of coolant from the outside is unavailable, is able to work as a normal storage electric water heater.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best indirectly heated boilers with heat exchanger only1Baxi Premier Plus 1509.8 / 1041 630
2Drazice OKC 125 NTR9.7 / 1025 366
3Gorenje GV 1209.6 / 1021 390
4Protherm FE 200/6 BM9.5 / 1043 200
The best combined boilers with heat exchanger and heating elements1Gorenje GBK 150 ORRNB6 / ORLNB69.8 / 1024 500
2Drazice OKC 160 / 1m²9.7 / 1031 698
3ACV Comfort E 1000.0 / 1062 400

The best indirectly heated boilers with heat exchanger only

Baxi Premier Plus 150
41 630

Reliable and demanded model from the Italian manufacturer, which is one of the recognized leaders in the market of heating and water heating equipment. The price tag can not be called affordable, but the quality of the materials used and the assembly is beyond doubt. And, therefore, there is every reason to count on a long and effective work.

The volume of the inner tank is 150 liters, the material is DUPLEX stainless steel with increased resistance to the formation of corrosion. Thermal insulation of polyurethane foam reduces heat loss to a minimum. An important feature of the design is a tubular coil heat exchanger coil, which provides fast and uniform heating.

The water heater is durable and not very heavy, made in a cylindrical design, suitable for both wall and floor placement, equipped with a precise thermostat. A series of indirect heating boilers made of stainless steel Baxi Premier plus includes domestic models for 100-300 liters and industrial for 400-2500.

Main advantages:
  • Compatibility with all types of boilers, including condensation;
  • Fast heating - 15 minutes with a delta of 45 ° C;
  • Optional possibility of equipping with heating elements;
  • There is a connection for the recirculation circuit.
  • High price;
  • Thermal sensor for control from the boiler is not suitable for all models.
9.8 / 10
Good indirect heating boiler for home mini-boiler. Personally, I have enough volume and performance, and the savings due to the reduction of energy consumption after electric water heaters are simply enormous.
Drazice OKC 125 NTR
25 366

This boiler is a typical representative of Czech technology. Reliable and unpretentious, it is perfect for use on the territory of Russia with its difficult utility conditions. The water heater is connected to the heating circuit of a solid fuel or gas boiler. Thanks to a special system of tubes through which the coolant circulates, the water is heated to 800 in 17 minutes.

Main advantages:
  • impervious to the quality of the coolant - it often happens that the circulation system becomes clogged during the artisanal flushing. This threatens this boiler to a very small extent;
  • made of high quality material, which is practically not prone to corrosion.
  • the boiler in question is not designed to work with a pressure of more than 6 atmospheres, and in networks of apartment buildings, the working pressure can be much higher. Therefore, it is better not to use central heating as a source of heat;
  • tank - enameled, it is not the best coating in terms of corrosion resistance.
9.7 / 10
Works more than two years, no problems. The design is not so hot, I had to sweat with the installation, but the water is heated quickly enough.
Gorenje GV 120
21 390

Indirect heating boiler from Gorenje is a representative of the budget models. Its quality as a whole corresponds to the price, so you should not expect miracles. On the other hand, in this price category it is difficult to find an indirect heating boiler better. This model of a boiler is equipped with a tank for 120 liters (with an average consumption of 5-6 people). Water heats up pretty quickly. The weight of the device is 60 kg - a bit too much.

Main advantages:
  • low price - even a very wealthy family will be able to afford such a heater;
  • if necessary, the device can be placed on the floor or on the wall;
  • high-performance tubular heat exchanger, can be connected to a variety of heat sources, including central heating networks.
  • The enameled tank does not guarantee quality protection against corrosion, so you should carefully monitor the quality of the water;
  • eyeliner top is provided, which is not always convenient - especially if the boiler is attached to the wall.
9.6 / 10
For this price the best boiler. There were some difficulties with the connection, since the eyeliner should be placed on top, but with us it is inconvenient.
Protherm FE 200/6 BM
43 200

Water heater indirect heating, relevant to users who have or are planning to purchase gas, electric or cast iron floor boilers of the same manufacturer with a capacity of up to 100 kW. The latter are very popular devices, and therefore the presence in the ranking of the best boilers of indirect heating of the Protherm FE 200/6 BM model is absolutely justified.

The Czech manufacturer offers a quality and reliable boiler with a nominal volume of 184 liters. The inner surface of the water tank has an enameled coating to protect against corrosion, and to enhance the effect and reduce the formation of scale, the design is supplemented with a titanium anode. The tubular heat exchanger is located in the lower part of the boiler, which ensures rapid heating and a decent supply of hot water.

Productivity - up to 32.5 l / min, for the preservation of heat is responsible polyurethane insulation. The maximum maintained water temperature is 80 ° C, above which the overheating protection is triggered.

Main advantages:
  • Antibacterial coating tank;
  • Existence of the drain union for depletion;
  • European assembly - Slovakia;
  • Factory warranty - 2 years.
  • A decent weight (97 kg) and dimensions;
  • Connection of TEN is not provided.
9.5 / 10
A boiler was purchased in a set for a single-circuit boiler of the same brand to fully provide a private house with hot water. Cope very well. True, it takes a lot of space, but in the presence of business premises - it does not matter.

The best combined boilers with heat exchanger and heating elements

Gorenje GBK 150 ORRNB6 / ORLNB6
24 500

A truly efficient and technological boiler from the Slovenian brand. Water heaters Gorenje GBK series are easily able to dispel the myth of the incompatibility of such concepts as the notorious European quality, excellent functionality and affordable price.

The model in question is equipped with a 141.5 liter steel tank with a coating of ultra-pure enamel. Anti-corrosion properties enhanced by the use of an increased magnesium anode. As the heating elements are:

  • Heat exchanger with an area of ​​0.9 m², which provides an increase in water temperature from 15 to 45 ° C (maximum 75 ° C) in 14 minutes;
  • 2 "dry" heating elements of 1 kW each.

Management - electronic. Anti-frost protection, ECO available. There is an interesting function of "Antilegionella" - in the absence of heating above 65 ° C for 2 weeks, the boiler will independently bring the water to a temperature at which the pathogenic bacteria are neutralized.

OR in the model name - marking of the electronic control unit. The manufacturer has a similar model Gorenje GBK 150 RNB6 / LNB6 with mechanical control, but we recommend that it is the model with electronic control - as more modern.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • Digital Thermometer;
  • Effective security system;
  • Warranty - 2 years plus 7 per tank.
  • Only vertical way of wall placement;
  • Working pressure - 6 bar.
9.8 / 10
The water heater is great. For me, it is primarily indirect heating, and heating elements are needed in the absence of heating. If you use in the apartment, put the gearbox and nothing will leak from you due to excess pressure and water hammer.
Drazice OKC 160 / 1m²
31 698

Roomy and relatively inexpensive combined water heater from a famous Czech manufacturer. Designed for wall mounting and is able to provide uninterrupted supply of hot water in homes or objects with a centralized heating system. This indirect heating boiler can be safely considered one of the best in terms of quality-price ratio, and not very large dimensions and weight (72 kg) with a good tank volume of 147 liters only reinforce the positive impression.

The inner coating is enameled. Water heating is carried out in two ways:

  • By means of a heat exchanger, the working surface of which is 1 m²;
  • Ceramic "dry" electric element with a capacity of 2.2 kW, mounted together with a corrosion-resistant magnesium anode on the flange of the inspection hatch.

The temperature range supported is from 5 to 74 ° C, the capacity depends on the power of the external heat source.

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price;
  • Universality;
  • Protective functions - from an overheat, safety valve;
  • Circulating inlet.
  • Rustic design;
  • Heating of the water to 60 ° С with TENOM is almost 4 hours.
9.7 / 10
The worthy combined boiler for reasonable price. Characteristics and quality are completely satisfied. In any case, there are no complaints in a year. Earlier on the wall hung a smaller water heater Drazice, fasteners fully matched.
ACV Comfort E 100
62 400

The Belgian manufacturer presents a combined water heater based on a “tank in tank” format heat exchanger and a 2.2-kilowatt heating element in the event of a lack of heating (for example, in the summer period). Installation method - vertical wall. The decorative outer case is made of polypropylene. Included with the boiler is supplied temperature control panel.

The inner part of the water heater consists of two containers of different volume, inserted one into another. Material - stainless steel. This, of course, leads to higher prices for the device, but reliability, hygiene and durability are not in doubt. The surface of a smaller container is corrugated. This configuration provides the effect of "self-cleaning" from the scurf of hardness salts (in a simple way - scum). Heat loss is designed to reduce the 30-mm insulating layer of polyurethane foam.

To be fair, it should be noted that the Comfort series without an electric heater is no less popular and can adequately compete in its class with the best models of classical indirectly heated boilers.

Main advantages:
  • High performance;
  • Protective functions;
  • Fast heating;
  • Bracket for mounting included.
  • High price;
  • Recycling is not supported.
0.0 / 10
A small and relatively lightweight boiler with stainless steel internals. Efficiency, in my opinion, is better than that of traditional water heaters, saving on electricity bills is felt immediately. Of course, not with the constant use of heating elements.

Each member of our rating will have a buyer. But when choosing the best indirect heating boiler, remember - the water in it heats up for about half an hour. Therefore, the volume must be given special attention - to have enough water for the needs of all family members. For a family of 3-4 people usually need to buy a boiler of at least 100, and preferably 150 liters.

We wish you a happy shopping!

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