Top 20 blenders

2019 rating: the best blenders for expert and customer reviews

The modern market of small appliances for the kitchen is large and diverse. It is filled with a variety of various devices designed to significantly facilitate domestic work and save time for a more pleasant and comfortable leisure. A noticeable niche among such devices occupy blenders. And since their models and varieties are a huge amount, the choice is far from always simple. Facilitating the challenge can help our ranking of the best blenders. We chose from the most popular - the best blenders in 2018-2019, and according to the sellers of kitchen appliances, and according to customer reviews.

The most popular brands of blenders

For quite a long time, the most sought-after products are European brands. Bosch, Braun and Philips. The range of these companies is very wide and is represented by blenders with different configurations and in different price categories. And traditionally high quality, efficiency and stylish design only strengthen the position of leaders.

Noteworthy models also represent Moulinex, Kenwood and Bamix, and the budget segment "occupied" Scarlett, Vitek and Polaris.

As for stationary (desktop) models, out of competition in the domestic market, heavy duty blenders Rawmid's DreamDesigned for both domestic and professional use. They are suitable for making green smoothies, smoothies, minced meat.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best low-cost submersible blenders with no extra nozzles1Bosch MSM 661109.8 / 102 066
2Scarlett SC-HB42S089.5 / 10853
The best low-priced submersible blenders with a nozzle grinder1Moulinex DD6431329.7 / 104 240
2Bosch MSM 6B7009.7 / 102 279
3Bosch MSM 660509.6 / 103 150
4UNIT USB-6049.4 / 101 990
The best effective hand (submersible) blenders of the average price range1Bosch MSM 871409.8 / 104 590
2Braun MQ 5045 WH Aperitive9.8 / 106 590
3Bosch MSM 871659.7 / 106 015
4Moulinex DD877D109.7 / 106 730
5Philips HR1672 Avance Collection9.6 / 107 490
The best submersible blenders with the functions of a food processor1Braun MQ 9087X MultiQuick 99.8 / 1011 374
2Bamix M200 Swissline Superbox9.7 / 1021 950
3Braun mq7759.7 / 107 260
4Bosch MSM 881909.7 / 109 990
5Philips HR1677 Avance Collection9.6 / 107 040
The best blenders combines with cutting cubes1Bosch MSM 881X19.9 / 1012 050
2Philips HR 1679 Avance Collection9.8 / 1010 020
3Oursson HB60709.6 / 105 490
The best stationary (desktop) blenders1Polaris PTB 0204G9.8 / 102 999
2Rawmid Dream Samurai BDS-049.8 / 1014 900
3Philips HR 2166 Viva Collection9.7 / 106 660
4Electrolux ESB 24509.6 / 102 490
The best stationary blenders-supovarki1Dobrynya DO-14029.3 / 102 285
2Evender BS-90 / BS-919.0 / 101 930

The best low-cost submersible blenders with no extra nozzles

Bosch MSM 66110
2 066

A reliable and powerful model from the German brand is best suited to those users who need, in fact, a blender, and not a multifunctional device with a lot of nozzles. It can be, for example, an excellent help in the event that the house already has a food processor, but it is problematic to often get it, assemble and disassemble for the sake of simple actions lasting several minutes.

Bosch MSM 66110 - single-speed hand blender with additional turbo mode (separate button). Its plunging foot is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel, and the knives are 4 sharp blades for fast and efficient grinding and subsequent mixing of products. The device is equipped with a 600 W motor. The drive handle is ergonomically designed and has a special non-slip coating. The kit includes a measuring cup with a scale.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Proven brand;
  • Affordable price;
  • Good power.
  • Simple equipment;
  • One speed mode.
9.8 / 10
Well made and high quality model. Performs all those functions for which the blender was purchased. It lies well in the hand, power is enough. We have been using for several months now and are completely satisfied with the purchase.
Scarlett SC-HB42S08

A simple and compact inexpensive hand blender that does not take up much space in a kitchen cabinet and will always be on hand if needed. The case of the model and the submersible part are made of plastic, the handle has a shape that is convenient for the hand, and the power button is large. The lower part of the blender is easily installed and removed, and the cleaning process is not complicated at all. The knives themselves, of course, are made of stainless steel. The rotation speed is only one, but this disadvantage is smoothed by the presence of a pulsed mode of operation. Powerful 500W DC-motor allows you to confidently cope with a variety of consistency products.

Decent inexpensive model to perform simple tasks in the kitchen.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price tag;
  • Good power;
  • Compact size and low weight.
  • The speed is not adjustable;
  • Plastic leg.
9.5 / 10
The most common blender without any frills. The power is quite good. For several months of operation, there were no problems, copes with their work confidently. At that price, the best blender can be said.

The best low-priced submersible blenders with a nozzle grinder

Moulinex DD643132
4 240

Continuing our ranking of the best submersible blenders rather serious blender series Optichef. A good option for those who fundamentally make a choice in favor of brand equipment, even if the assembly is carried out in the territory of the PRC. The production is firm, the control is at a height, and the Chinese comrades have long proved that they are capable of creating a really high-quality product, and not just any remarks on the knee.

About design: the main color is white, there is a velvety non-slip coating on the handle. Stainless steel submersible part. The material is extremely reliable and practical, but the “leg” design is also interesting. The special shape of the knife and the bowl around it contributes to the creation of an optimal flow and protects against splashes.

Characteristics in order: good power - 800 W, 20 speeds to choose from, Turbo mode. The set of delivery includes, in addition to the main one, a nozzle with a metal whisk, a chopper bowl, a tall 800 ml plastic cup.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Low noise for a powerful device;
  • Removable elements can be loaded into the dishwasher;
  • The warranty period supported on the territory of the Russian Federation is 2 years.
  • The small volume of a grinder - 500 ml.
9.7 / 10
For this price I do not see any special flaws. Power is enough. With prolonged use, the handle with the motor heats up, but it could not be any other way. In the hand is comfortable. Purchase satisfied.
Bosch MSM 6B700
2 279

Compact, convenient immersion blender that can be used to mix and grind various products. The grinder is equipped with flypapers that prevent the vessel from moving during operation. The device is not noisy and does not heat up during operation.

Main characteristics:

  • Power 350 W
  • Mechanical control
  • There is a grinder
  • There is a whisk for beating and a measuring cup.

The fact that the chopper quite often does not cope with the work and leaves unshredded pieces upsets. Also in the submerged part, during grinding, unground products get stuck and you have to grind them again. In addition, a blender knife may scratch the bottom over time, which is why an unpleasant creak is heard.

9.7 / 10
Bosch MSM 66050
3 150

Relatively inexpensive blender from Bosch with enhanced functionality, due to the presence in the kit nozzle-whisk for beating creams and sauces, as well as a bowl-grinder for cheese, greens, onions, nuts and other products.

The leg of the blender is made of heat-resistant plastic and equipped with a knife with 4 stainless steel blades. Removing the nozzle is very easy with a button. Allowed to clean it in the dishwasher.

There is also a similar, but slightly more expensive model Bosch MSM 66150 - with a “stainless steel” nozzle.

The engine of the blender is powerful enough - 600 watts. And this is more than enough to provide all the functions declared for the model. The control consists of a regulator with 12 speeds, power buttons and Turbo.

Main advantages:
  • Non-slip surface of the handle;
  • Convenient management;
  • Decent power.
  • Plastic foot;
  • Small volume of a grinder.
9.6 / 10
Good powerful blender with an adequate price. A decent choice of speeds and not very noisy work. I was a little surprised that the manufacturer forbids washing the lid, but in principle it is usually enough to wipe it with a cloth after work.
1 990

Very decent blender for relatively little money. Despite the price tag with a hint of budget, the device looks quite presentable, has enough power - 800 W, the manufacturer's warranty is good - 2 years. And as you know, according to the law, the seller has the right to increase this period, but not to shorten it.

Case - plastic black and beige with a decorative metal insert. On the handle: main power on button and Turbo (14000 rpm ± 10%). On top of the regulator with a smooth switching speeds, which are more than enough - 20. The main nozzle is a blender made of stainless steel.

Additional accessories: a measuring cup on 800 ml, a bowl chopper with steel knives inside, a whisk for beating from metal. The connecting elements are from good, but still plastic, because the assembly process must be accurate and accurate.

Main advantages:
  • Attractive price;
  • Worthy characteristics;
  • Nice design;
  • Good equipment;
  • High-quality odorless plastic.
  • The body heats up quickly (especially when working with a whisk);
  • Short cord - 1 m.
9.4 / 10
Got cheap stock. Suddenly a good blender turned out to be as good as many expensive ones. Just do not overload too much. It is not designed for long continuous work, it is necessary to give rest when heated.

The best effective hand (submersible) blenders of the average price range

Bosch MSM 87140
4 590
Optimal in terms of price quality, the Bosch blender attracts with a completely metal body design, endurance and compactness. It works very quickly, silently and efficiently, makes minced meat without problems, cracks the ice, beats up homemade mayonnaise.

Main characteristics:

  • Power - 750 W
  • Mechanical control, 12 speeds
  • Shredder, measuring cup
  • Turbo mode

The owners of this unit often do not find a single drawback in it, complaining only that such a powerful device could have a larger shredder volume (0.6 l). Included is no corolla, however, the nozzle-leg works well with the whipping function.

9.8 / 10
Braun MQ 5045 WH Aperitive
6 590

Manual blenders of the Braun Multiquick 5 series have been very long and deservedly considered the best and are very popular. Was no exception to the rules and the model MQ 5045 WH Aperitive. The device of the famous German brand has a strict and stylish design, high engine power (750 W), stainless submersible part with very sharp and durable knives.

Working with a blender is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the successful design of the holder with the optimal arrangement of controls. This allows you to set, change the speed of rotation, choose a pulse or turbo mode with one hand, without interrupting the work.

MQ 5045 WH Kit:

  • The main nozzle blender;
  • Whisk;
  • 600 ml measuring cup;
  • Nozzles-mills - 350 and 1250 ml with knives for chopping ice and grinding products.
Main advantages:
  • Reliability;
  • Efficiency;
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Great price;
  • The small size of the corolla.
9.8 / 10
Powerful, beautiful and reliable submersible blender from a good manufacturer with decent features. The rubberized handle does not slip at all in the hand. Products are chopped and mixed evenly and quickly.
Bosch MSM 87165
6 015

This Bosch MaxoMixx series immersion blender is really good. And it's not just a stylish, solid and solid design - the body and the "leg" of stainless steel. No less positively perceived functionality, coupled with a universal set of nozzles.

In the arsenal: a chopper for herbs, nuts, cheese, meat, a glass with a lid and a measuring scale, a “stainless” whisk for beating, a special nozzle for rubbing boiled potatoes in mashed potatoes. The control system consists of 2 buttons - the main and Turbo, 12-speed regulator.

Power device - 750 watts. Immediately it is worth explaining - this is a high figure, which actually corresponds to the declared figures. You should not equate the production of serious brands with handicrafts of some low-cost, but very mercantile, that they shamelessly prescribe high values, in fact completing the device with a simple motor of 300 watts.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable grip with soft non-slip coating;
  • Low noise level, reduced vibration;
  • No spray;
  • Innovative knives of the main nozzle with 4 sharp blades QuattroBladePro;
  • A good shredder volume is 950 (total), 750 ml (useful).
  • No knife for chopping ice;
  • Only 12 months warranty.
9.7 / 10
It has everything I need. Plus it is comfortable and beautiful, thanks to which it is registered in the kitchen, and not hiding deep in the closet. Really powerful motor. They made mayonnaise, various purees, chopped meat - everything is fine.
Moulinex DD877D10
6 730

Medium-priced submersible blenders abound, but it is important, as they say, to separate the wheat from the chaff. It would be naive to rely on the fact that the products of Russian-Chinese or just Chinese companies suddenly became equal to devices from European grandees. Moreover, not all of the latter, in contrast to the former, are directly eager to “tear off” more money from the consumer without good reason.

Here is a vivid example: the French brand Moulinex, a member of the SEB group of companies, is able to offer a very serious model of the Infiny Force series at a considerable, but quite adequate, against the background of outstanding characteristics, price. Without any dirty tricks.

Practical gourmets, to whom sense of style is not alien, will appreciate: metal design, high power - 1000 W, 25 speed modes plus Turbo, ergonomic soft-grip handle, universal set of nozzles - basic stainless steel with 4 blades, chopper 0.5 l, steel whisk, glass 800 ml, 2 devices for the preparation of mashed potatoes.

Main advantages:
  • Splash protection;
  • Smooth speed control;
  • Low noise with impressive power;
  • Easy and convenient change of nozzles;
  • French production and 2 years branded warranty.
  • Short cord.
9.7 / 10
The real power and speed of grinding products is the business card of this blender. Puree whips fine. The French assembly does not fail. In work about half a year, there are no complaints. The price is fully justified. The best model ever to hold.
Philips HR1672 Avance Collection
7 490

Powerful and modern hand blender from a well-known European manufacturer with good functionality and a decent engine power of 800 watts. Its characteristics and set of nozzles allow you to easily cope with almost any ingredients for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes.

Features Philips HR 1672:

  • ProMix proprietary technology. The triangular nozzle of the blender is optimal for rapid grinding and uniform mixing of products to a uniform state, and its special wave-shaped shape prevents splashing;
  • Knives with titanium coating. Their strength is 6 times higher than that of conventional stainless steel counterparts;
  • SpeedTouch control technology. The choice of rotational speed and the inclusion of the Turbo Boost mode is carried out with a single button and is adjusted by pressing force;
  • 1000 ml XL shredder. Allows you to quickly chop cheese, herbs, meat, nuts, chocolate;
  • Nozzle whisk. Serves for whipping and cooking various sauces or batter.
Main advantages:
  • High power and convenient control;
  • Additional nozzles and a triangular measuring cup on 1 liter in a set;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • 2 year brand warranty.
  • High price;
  • Very expensive accessories.
9.6 / 10
A good model that easily grinds meat, chops greens, vegetables (even solid). Power is excellent, build quality at altitude. Philips offers additional attachments (for dicing, a mixer), but their price is unrealistic.

The best submersible blenders with the functions of a food processor

Braun MQ 9087X MultiQuick 9
11 374

High-performance and multifunctional immersion blender capable of fully replacing more dimensional kitchen machines. The power is enough to work even with fairly solid products - 1000 W, the design is excellent - an ergonomic body made of black plastic and metal.

Responsible for managing button Smart Speed. Speed ​​modes - 10, there are Turbo and pulse mode. The leg is made of stainless steel, its dome has an optimal shape that protects against splashes. The system of knives is truly unique: the blades move up and down in the process of work, and are also supplemented with a special crushing element. The result - products are processed as evenly as possible.

Included: compact (350 ml) chopper, whisk, nozzle for mashed potatoes, measuring cup (600 ml). And, of course, a 1.5-liter food processor with 3 pots, 2 shredders, a disk for slicing french fries, sharp knives, and a device for kneading dough.

Main advantages:
  • Solid manufacturer;
  • High-quality assembly and stylish appearance;
  • Easyclick Plus convenient mounting system;
  • Soft rubber grip;
  • The warranty period is 2 years.
  • High price;
  • Cord length only 1.2 m.
9.8 / 10
Powerful blender. It looks cool. Nozzles for almost all occasions. It is a pity there is no adaptable for cutting dice. However, and so well. Most often just a blender is used, but the rest of the kit also does not collect dust in the pantry for a long time.
Bamix M200 Swissline Superbox
21 950
Very compact and high-quality blender, complete with various nozzles. The device copes with the tasks in just a few seconds, while providing an excellent result. The main advantage is the absolute noiselessness of the blender. Due to the wide range of colors you can choose exactly the device that is best suited for the kitchen interior.

Main characteristics:

  • Power 200 W
  • 2 speeds
  • Availability of additional modes: splitting ice
  • There is a mill, a measuring glass and a grinder.

However, in the process of working with such a device can cause discomfort short cord. It is also inconvenient to work with graters, since at the same time it is necessary to hold the start button, throw food into the chopper, hold the pusher and promote the products.

9.7 / 10
Braun mq775
7 260
A convenient solution for those who cook often and a lot, but do not want to buy a full-sized food processor. The model has a good capacity, a large volume of the chopper bowl (1.5 l) and the ability not only to grind and mash, but to rub the products on a grater, cut into slices and straws. At the same time, the unit itself is compact and lightweight (0.85 g), it has convenient buttons and smooth power control.

Main characteristics:

Alas, it was not without flaws. When using a grater and slicer, large pieces of food remain, which have to be cut manually. The corolla is small and flimsy, often bending and breaking. In addition, the device is quite noisy in comparison with counterparts from the same price category.

9.7 / 10
Bosch MSM 88190
9 990

Stylish and modern immersion blender, the functionality of which allows you to replace such a noticeably more cumbersome device like a food processor. And perhaps this is due to the good drive power (800 W) and a universal set of accessories:

  • Classic nozzle blender;
  • Stainless beater whisk;
  • Chopper for a small amount of food and a knife for chopping ice;
  • Nozzle-combine, in which knives for grinding can be used, 4 special inserts for the grater / cutting / shredding, an element for kneading dough;

The control consists of a regulator at 12 speeds, power buttons and a separate one for the turbo mode. Main drive unit and stainless steel blender leg. The upper part is equipped with a non-slip coating, and the separation of the lower nozzle is easily done through a button.

Main advantages:
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Enough long twisted cord;
  • Power.
  • Do not wash the cover;
  • No nozzle for mashed potatoes.
9.7 / 10
The blender performs all the basic functions of a combine. It looks very attractive, and, most importantly, simple, convenient and reliable in operation. A small minus - designed for a relatively small amount of products or requires a "rest." For our family enough.
Philips HR1677 Avance Collection
7 040

Next in our ranking is a cute and powerful hand blender with advanced features. Maybe it doesn’t have such a wide range of attachments as the higher-end models, but it also requires much less storage space, and it’s in terms of manufacturability and efficiency even with complex products from Philips HR1677.

Key parameters: 800 W, Turbo mode, innovative speed control system with one button. The stainless steel blender attachment is designed to avoid splashing, and the knives have a high-strength titanium coating.

The rest of the set: a metal whisk, a liter glass with a measuring scale, a 1.5 liter food processor with the function of grinding, graters, shredders. All removable accessories can be washed in the PMM.

Main advantages:
  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • High quality ABS plastic case;
  • Detachable auger;
  • Fixing with a large button;
  • The warranty period is traditional for Philips 24 months.
  • There is no separate chopper bowl;
  • Few tips.
9.6 / 10
Small handy blender. Power enough. The presence of grater with shredding pleases. Tired of doing everything by hand. The price tag is high, but you shouldn’t regret it. Again, the warranty is good.

The best blenders combines with cutting cubes

Bosch MSM 881X1
12 050

Multifunctional model from the German brand, which basically repeats the capabilities of the previously described Bosch MSM 88190, but there are some differences in the configuration of the bowl-combine. The presence of 3 instead of 4 inserts for a scraper / shredder can be considered as insignificant, and the presence of a special nozzle for cutting products into cubes should be added to the more significant ones. The latter circumstance will surely be to the liking of the lovers of popular salads, for preparing which previously had to spend a lot of time and effort.

The basic characteristics are similar:

  • 800 watt motor;
  • 12 speeds and turbo mode;
  • The case and a leg from "stainless steel";
  • Additional bowl with a grinder for meat, cheese, greens, vegetables, nuts;
  • Measuring cup with scale + lid.
Main advantages:
  • Universality;
  • Low noise and reduced vibration;
  • Stylish design.
  • Limited work time;
  • There is no separate knife for splitting ice.
9.9 / 10
Specially chose the best blender with a large number of nozzles, and the fact that there is a dicing function is generally beauty. Cuts, chops, shred without any problems. Of course, a lot of meat on it can not be screwed, but we have enough.
Philips HR 1679 Avance Collection
10 020

At the heart of the model is the familiar 800-watt Philips base blender with a metal leg and a ProMix nozzle with titanium-coated knives. Speed ​​control is a single SpeedTouch button and, of course, the turbo mode has not disappeared anywhere.

Having dealt with the drive, we turn to the most interesting - the configuration and the opportunities provided with its help. What has the Philips HR 1679:

  • Whisk and 1-liter triangular shaped glass with a scale;
  • Compact chopper, used for finely chopping greens, onions, cheese, nuts, chocolate;
  • A special accessory for shredding, slicing and, what most attracts potential buyers, cutting products into cubes.
Main advantages:
  • Decent power;
  • Actual functions;
  • Solid design;
  • Convenient management.
  • High price;
  • Too “gentle” whisk for whipping.
9.8 / 10
Blender bought mainly because of the cutting into cubes. Copes with this well. Small claims to a very thin and flimsy corolla. You can buy a brand nozzle "mixer", but somehow the price is too big.
Oursson HB6070
5 490

Good bright 6 in 1 immersion blender. 3 color versions are available: red, salad, orange. In the latter case, the traces of carrots are clearly not terrible. The power for the supported functionality is quite decent - 600 watts. And it feels quite honest.

The main unit (handle with a motor) supports 13 speeds, there is a Turbo mode and a smooth regulator. From the usual nozzles: metal "leg", a whisk, a glass of 800 ml. The multifunctionality is provided by the presence of a food processor, for which interchangeable elements are provided: knives for grinding, 2 steel double-sided discs with taster and shredders (medium, large).

Finally, the dream set of most housewives is a special device for cutting into cubes. With him, the preparation of popular salads will not take much time and will no longer be considered a holiday holiday "duty."

Main advantages:
  • "Merry" design;
  • Anti-slip coating handles SOFT TOUCH;
  • Bowl XL 1.2 l with non-slip bottom and lid;
  • Security lock;
  • Compact storage system.
  • There is no separate mill;
  • Warranty only 1 year.
9.6 / 10
Bought just because of the cutting cubes. It copes well, as with all other functions. The only niggle is shred and slice quite small, and sometimes you want a bigger size.

The best stationary (desktop) blenders

Polaris PTB 0204G
2 999

The inexpensive stationary blender with a glass jug with a capacity of 1,2 liters. The power of its motor is 600 W, which in combination with high-strength knives makes it possible to count on efficient grinding of most types of products. The presence of a pulsed mode makes it possible even to crack ice. Only you need to understand that ice chips in this case can only be created by adding liquid and it is not always possible to count on its uniformity. But the preparation of sauces, fruit purees, cocktails or vegetable soups will not cause any problems.

In addition to the pulse mode, the control system has 2 main speeds. The stability of the device on the table is provided with rubberized legs. The top cover of the glass jug has an opening through which ingredients can be added during the process. Removable knife facilitates the cleaning process.

Main advantages:
  • Low price;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Interesting design.
  • Small volume.
9.8 / 10
Cute and compact blender that copes with its responsibilities no worse than expensive counterparts from famous brands. Assembly though China, but quite high quality. Knives are sharp, there is enough power.
Rawmid Dream Samurai BDS-04
14 900

A unique, professional-grade stationary blender that can grind and mix virtually any ingredient, including frozen vegetables and ice. If you choose the best blender for smoothies, green smoothies, nuts, minced meat - this is the model for you. Traditional reliability, high quality of materials and assembly, together with excellent characteristics, made Dream Samurai one of the most desirable and sought-after blenders on the domestic market. Even though it is not a low price.

Key features:

  • The most powerful engine for 4 horsepower (2900 W);
  • 6-blade Japanese 3D knife;
  • Durable and convenient 2-liter jug ​​of tritan;
  • Easy and clear control;
  • 7 speeds with continuously adjustable (up to 50,000 rpm) and pulse mode;
  • Overload and overheat protection.
Main advantages:
  • Highest power;
  • Quality and harmless materials;
  • Warranty period - 3 years.
  • Price (although it is rather a plus).
9.8 / 10
Just unrealistically pleased with this device. Twists quickly and easily anything. There is a pusher and a hole in the top cover. A little rustic design (although you can choose from 4 colors), but otherwise just out of competition.
Philips HR 2166 Viva Collection
6 660

The Philips stationary blender from the Viva Collection line does a good job of preparing smoothies, smoothies, vegetable purees and cold soups. The model has enhanced functionality, attractive design and decent performance.

What is interesting Philips HR 2166:

  • 600 watt motor and five serrated blades for quick and uniform grinding and mixing;
  • The choice of speed for soft or hard products, as well as a pulsed mode (can be used for splitting ice);
  • Jug of impact resistant plastic with a capacity of 2 liters;
  • Grinder with metal insert to protect against scratches;
  • Universal grinder for greens, onions, vegetables, nuts and meat;
  • The filter for juice without stones and soy milk.
Main advantages:
  • Additional nozzles;
  • Bulk jug;
  • Branded warranty for 2 years.
  • Price;
  • Average power.
9.7 / 10
Multifunctional device that allows not only making smoothies for children, but able to chop nuts, coffee and much more. Tried to make stuffing - it turned out. Puree cooks perfectly. Ice crumbles are not perfect, but they are more likely cavils.
Electrolux ESB 2450
2 490

Compact stationary blender, which is nevertheless not without elements of mobility. Positioned by the manufacturer as a sport. Well, it completely corresponds, only as an ordinary household appliance Electrolux ESB 2450 is not less good.

It is clear that adherents of healthy lifestyles and an active lifestyle love this format. For them, a special removable bowl made of durable and high-quality plastic, not containing bisphenol-A, is relevant. It is, in fact, an alternative to sportpit shakers, since it can be used with a hermetic lid, equipped with a valve for drinking, and has a shape that is comfortable for the hand.

Motor power - 300 watts. It is not God knows what size, but for grinding, mixing, pulping in several stages with short intervals (according to the instructions) is quite enough.

Main advantages:
  • Durable stainless steel knives;
  • Volume - 600 ml;
  • The container is convenient to take with you;
  • Not bad preparing smoothies, sauces, chops seasonings, vegetables, fruits;
  • Rubberized legs, space for winding the cord.
  • A bit noisy work;
  • One speed.
9.6 / 10
An interesting version of a mini blender. It is made well, rustles moderately. Not all products are crushed to complete homogeneity, but this has its advantages. Cool bowl container with a lid. Really take with me to the gym.

The best stationary blenders-supovarki

Dobrynya DO-1402
2 285

Universal blender with heat treatment function. As a result, with its help it is possible not only the process of procurement of products, but also the direct creation of hot dishes. The design is quite classic, roomy jug of heat-resistant plastic - 1.7 liters, power - 1200 watts.

The user has access to the functions: selection of the rotation speed of the knives for grinding and mixing, setting the heating temperature from 40 to 100 ° C. Cooking is greatly simplified thanks to the support of 5 automatic programs: classic with slices of vegetables and cream soup, cooking eggs in a specially provided basket, heating and, in fact, a blender mode.

Main advantages:
  • The presence of a 24-hour timer;
  • Stainless steel filter in the kit;
  • Special chute for loading ingredients during the cooking process;
  • The sound notification, the sensor of a small amount of liquid;
  • Safety cover lock.
  • Average build quality;
  • Noise
9.3 / 10
It is quite adequate soup cooker. Previously, we laughed at strange devices - electric egg cookers, now we cook eggs in a blender. Paradox! In general, for the money pretty good device.
Evender BS-90 / BS-91
1 930

A versatile device that combines a powerful stationary blender and an electric pan with multiple cooking modes. Evender BS-90 / BS-91 (white / black) has 5 automatic programs in its arsenal:

  • Traditional soup with chopped vegetables without chopping;
  • Cream soup, cream soup with chopping and mixing. Can be used for cooking baby food;
  • Heated previously cooked dishes;
  • Cooking eggs with a special basket included in the kit;
  • Blender with 5 speeds.

Additionally, it is worth noting the possibility of adjusting the temperature and cooking time, as well as the delayed start timer up to 24 hours.

Main advantages:
  • High power - 1200 watts;
  • Stainless steel filter;
  • Affordable price.
  • Plastic jug (smell the first time).
9.0 / 10
A good unit for your money. Simple and clear instructions with recipes. Soups are obtained very well, and the volume of a 1.7 l jug is enough for everyday use.

Stationary or immersion, which blender is better?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Whatever it was, and the choice in favor of one or another option will have to do all the same on their own, taking into account individual needs and culinary preferences. Another thing is that it is easier to make a decision, knowing the typical features of both types of blenders, their capabilities, as well as strengths and weaknesses.


Table blender is the best option for making various cocktails, smoothies, fruit and vegetable purees, cream soups, liquid pancake dough in a fairly good volume. But small portions - obviously not his "fad".

The device does not need to be held in the hands during operation, and its bowl (plastic or glass) is durable and easy to clean. However, the stationary model cannot be called compact and it needs its own “legitimate” place in the kitchen, which is not always convenient when there is a shortage of space.

But for many users (for example, athletes, vegetarians or “raw foodists”), such a blender is simply indispensable for everyday cooking healthy and nutritious food, and dairy or fruit smoothies for children can be prepared quickly and without hassle. And no spray in the process.


Hand blenders are more popular appliances for housewives, characterized by lightness and compactness, and often more opportunities. Depending on the configuration of a particular model, various nozzles can be added to standard knives of a blender, from a simple whisk to devices that replace a food processor. Blenders with dicing are especially popular. And in the set of some you can even find a pump for pumping air with special vacuum containers.

Submersible blenders are more versatile and easy to store. They are effective in preparing a variety of simple and complex dishes, salads, sauces, mashed potatoes, not very thick dough.

So which blender is better to buy?

All blenders that we have included in the ranking of the best, are in demand and have many positive reviews on the network.
When choosing, be guided by what functions you need - you should not overpay for something that you will not use. Think about how often you plan to use the device. If rarely - perhaps it is also worth choosing a simpler model. A simple unit may not withstand heavy loads, and with careful use it will serve for a long time.
Plan to use for solid products - choose a better device. For fruit drinks - always with a comfortable bowl. Hand blender "on the leg" for the preparation of beverages is not suitable. Looking for more features? Take an interest - on some models there is on sale additional nozzles.

Choose carefully and get a great helper for your kitchen. We wish you a happy shopping!

Watch the video: Best Blenders in 2019. Make Great Smoothies, Soups & More! (January 2020).