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The "rules of operation" of the gastrointestinal tract are described in hundreds of medical papers. In recent decades, these recommendations have become available to a wide circle of readers of the media and the Internet. But things are still there: the frequency of occurrence of disorders of the digestive system does not decrease. And one of the most common conditions is constipation.

Constipation is not an independent disease, but only a symptom indicating a violation of the digestive or nervous (yes!) System.

It is necessary to fight, first of all, with the cause, but in parallel with the elimination of the cause of this condition, it is necessary to fight the constipation itself. How to do it? Very simple: by seeking the help of the best drugs and proven folk remedies that have a laxative effect.

best laxative microclysters

The cost of a package containing 4 microclysters is about 300 rubles.

Benefits. It is far from always that the intestine requires a whip method in the form of an enema or “full-fledged” laxative. According to gastroenterologists, among the variety of causes of constipation psychological - in the first place. People most often suffer from such constipation who need “home” conditions or people suffering from hemorrhoids to empty their intestines. In the first case, the inability to go to the toilet at work or the train and the suppression of the urge leads to compaction of the feces, and in the second, waiting for a painful bowel movement makes a person suffer to the last, which further complicates the situation. In such cases, Microlax will help to soften the feces and create a kind of water envelope around them, which makes emptying the intestines easy and painless. Microclyster does not act systemically (its components do not penetrate into the bloodstream), and this allows us to recommend it even to pregnant women, nursing mothers and newborns. Already after 5-15 minutes after applying Mikrolaksa, a person experiences a natural urge, which in the same natural way ends with a bowel movement.

disadvantages. The prefix "micro" does not negate the fact that it is an enema. And the use of Microlax may be out of place and out of time. Also, this drug will be useless for constipation, which is caused by organic and functional disorders of the large intestine - the effect of the drug simply does not reach this site.

Findings. As an emergency aid to the intestines or preparation for instrumental rectal examination - one of the best laxatives. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «A very good remedy for constipation, there were no side effects, it helped me a lot to cope with the consequences of malnutrition. Convenient release form - in the form of disposable mikroklizmochek, nothing needs to be mixed, diluted, etc. Opened and immediately can be used for its intended purpose. "

best candles for constipation for babies

The cost of a package containing 10 rectal suppositories is about 100 rubles.

Benefits. Glitselaks is issued in two "age categories" - for children and adults. But let's talk about the first. Virtually every young mother is faced with impaired stool in a child who has just begun to master lures, or from the first days of life is on artificial or mixed feeding. The age of the baby does not allow the use of potent laxatives, but the candles Glitselaks perfectly cope with constipation in the smallest.

This drug acts gently, which is very important for children suffering from bloating and the resulting colic and bloating. Candles soften fecal masses, allowing them to move easily and painlessly through the intestines - the main advantage for children of younger preschool age, who often have psychological constipation and feces dehydration caused by "patience". And what is important, in Glitselaks, the predicted time of action: 10-15 minutes after application, the baby goes to the toilet without any problems (the drug does not cause comatization, therefore, the child’s underwear and bedding will not be affected).

disadvantages. Use Glitselaks as a permanent remedy for constipation can not. However, you already know that laxatives for constipation are an ambulance and not a way of life. Therefore, we assume that there are no flaws.

findings. The real salvation for babies suffering from constipation and their parents, exhausted by soap candles, pipettes and other alternative methods that supposedly stimulate the urge. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «Glitselaks became our salvation. Perfectly helped our baby with constipation. Candles act fairly quickly and efficiently. There was no irritation and addiction».

best laxative for serious cases

The cost of a bottle of 30 ml is about 390 rubles.

Benefits. When the intestine is so "lazy" that eating fiber or enema is ineffective, it is necessary to resume the receptor activity of lazy. Guttalax will do just that: by acting on the intestinal receptors, the drug activates its motor function, which, in turn, accelerates the movement of feces to the "exit".

disadvantages. The drug is strong enough to cause unpleasant symptoms during first use (as well as overdose or too frequent use): bloating, flatulence, cutting pains in the abdomen due to excessive spasticity. In addition, Guttalaks reduces the absorption of water and electrolytes in the intestines - this means that they enter the bloodstream in smaller quantities. The result can be dehydration, which is manifested by weakness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat.

findings. As a laxative for occasional use, Guttalax will cope with the most persistent constipation. But for constant or frequent use and, especially, for the normalization of the regularity of shipments, it is not suitable. 9 points out of 10.

Reviews. «Each time, it is necessary to endure the desire to go to the toilet, you can forget about normal digestion for a week. Guttalax helps against constipation best of all, but for me the minimum dosage was excessive: I took 2 drops less for the second time, everything went away without the slightest discomfort».

Poslabin Lactulose
best soft laxative

The cost of a package containing 30 tablets is about 100 rubles.

Benefits. The drug is of natural origin. Lactulose belongs to the group of indigestible carbohydrates, which transit in the upper GI tract, and, reaching the large intestine, becomes a nutrient medium for lacto-and bifidobacteria. This means that constipations that have arisen after suffering bacterial diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, prolonged diarrhea and antibacterial therapy (factors that violate the intestinal microflora) will naturally disappear after the colonization of the intestine with beneficial microorganisms.

disadvantages. Fast and lasting effect is not expected. The laxative effect of Poslabin Lactose will have after the first dose, but the regularity of the stool is normalized only 1-2 weeks from the start of the drug.

findings. The possibility of taking this remedy by lactating, pregnant and children from 6 weeks old is a weighty enough argument in favor of Poslabin Lactose. And given the wide range of indications for the reception, and a very limited list of contraindications, this drug definitely deserves the highest score of 10 points.

Reviews. «Poslabin Lactose perfectly helped out on a trip when both children had constipation. The main thing is that after stopping the reception of the remedy the constipation did not return.».

Flax seed
the best herbal remedy for constipation

The cost of a package containing 100g of seeds is about 65 rubles.

Benefits. 100% natural raw material, which has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory and mild laxative effect. In practice, this means that the mucus obtained from seed preparation will not only relieve constipation, but also soothe the inflammatory walls of the digestive tract. When taking flax seeds in a course, they improve intestinal motility and promote the elimination of toxins, which has a beneficial effect on overall health and appearance.

disadvantages. It is not always convenient to prepare fresh mucus or soak the seeds so that they swell (they have the same effect as mucus), which makes taking this remedy inconvenient for those who are constipated on vacation and business trips. In addition, with persistent and severe constipation, especially due to dehydration of the feces, the intestine may not respond to flax seed.

findings. Soft, effective, no addiction. But not always applicable. 9 points out of 10.

Reviews. «It works very gently, it costs a penny in a pharmacy. She treated constipation for a child after E. coli, gave half a cup of broth in the morning on an empty stomach, in an hour somewhere the urge to the toilet began. The only difficulty is to make a small child drink the slippery mucus of a decoction, they had to persuade the whole family. ”

the best folk remedy for constipation

The cost of ingredients from zero and above.

Benefits. The main character of almost every national drug for constipation is kefir. For chronic constipation, it should be drunk at night, adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil to a glass of kefir. With periodic stool retention, figs, dried apricots, fresh or frozen berries, fresh cucumbers, carrots, and greens (previously chopped by a blender) can be added. This "medicine" has several parallel effects. Kefir helps to balance intestinal microflora and colonize it with microorganisms necessary for it - that is necessary for constipation caused by dysbiosis. Vegetable oil has a slight laxative effect and softens the feces. And the addition of vegetables or fruits contributes to the mechanical cleaning of the intestines: vegetable indigestible fibers in the intestines swell and produce the effect of the "panicle", scrubbing the so-called "fecal scale" - deposits on the intestinal walls that violate the process of absorption.

disadvantages. If your constipation due to improper nutrition and love of fast food, we can assume that you just do not like kefir. And even more so, do not want to prepare a fresh "cocktail" every day. But this disadvantage is not related to kefir, is not it?

findings. Regular intake of this remedy is indicated for both children and adults. Plus - the ability to create recipes to your liking (for someone “closer” are spices and greens, for someone - fruit cocktails). But the most important thing is that this remedy can not only eliminate single constipation, but also bring the intestinal functions back to normal (provided that the constipations are not caused by dysfunction of the nervous regulation of the gastrointestinal tract or neoplasms). 10 points out of 10!

Reviews. «Kefir with sunflower oil is the best remedy for constipation and the only thing that escaped during pregnancy. Laxatives from the pharmacy were afraid to take it in order not to harm the child, but kefir did a great job without laxatives.».

What you need to know?

With constipation, of course, faces every person. But there are some constipation constipation that need attention, and go not to the pharmacy for laxatives, but to the doctor for diagnosis:

  • The feeling of incomplete bowel emptying is often referred to as "locking" phenomena. But with the same success it can be a neoplasm in the intestine or a foreign body in the intestinal lumen.
  • Calomasis, during which dirty traces remain on the underwear, also requires the attention of the doctor: this may be a sign of weakening of the rectal sphincter, and it is necessary to find the cause of this condition as soon as possible.
  • Traces of blood in the feces can talk about a variety of pathologies, the most "innocent" of which will be the so-called hidden, internal hemorrhoids.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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