6 best ceramic tile manufacturers

Whose tile is more beautiful, stronger and more diverse

Which ceramic tile is better to choose in the bathroom or in the kitchen? This question is inevitably confronted by all who decide to renovate the interior of their apartment or house. And the unequivocal answer, the tile of which company is better, is usually not immediately. There are not so many manufacturers on the ceramic tile market, but the best - one that is suitable in all respects - is not easy to choose. Some people are confused by the reviews of tile specialists and users (the critical mass of the negative in them is usually off scale, regardless of the manufacturer), for someone there is no favorite color scheme or pattern, someone is worried about the strength and durability of finishing materials. We offer you a rating of the most popular manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Russia, as well as an overview of the pros and cons of their products.

Kerama marazzi

In the photo - a collection of "Sakura Branch", the average price - 600 rubles per square meter

The Russian manufacturer with the largest market share in the low and mid-price segment. It offers customers 12 collections (over 2000 tile names). Designers and marketers Kerama Marazzi have focused on the geographical component: the catalog of collections is more like an atlas telling about countries, cities and continents. There are, for example, English, French, Indian, Italian, Scandinavian collections - each with characteristic features of a particular country. From a technological point of view, the manufacturer is also very advanced: the company is the only one in Russia that produces ceramic granite made using the dry-pressing technology DRY PRESS, which makes it possible to very accurately imitate natural material. And from the point of view of service, everything is fine here: in particular, in December 2015, an application for Android tablets began to operate, which reflected the entire range of the company with 3D panoramas and other beauties.


  • A good assortment, including in the segment of inexpensive tiles
  • Interesting design solutions
  • Innovative technologies in the production of tiles and glazes for it
  • Good tile strength
  • Developed trading network (over 300 company stores) and distribution
  • Developed information service


  • Not all collections mix wall and floor tiles perfect. Sometimes it is necessary to look for decor among the products of other manufacturers.

Our rating: 9.8

Typical review: I trim off the familiar Kerama bath. Marriage on arrival is not yet detected. It is cut normally, the geometry is not bad. Packaging, of course. not Spanish, where each tile is shifted by a layer of polyethylene, but I repeat it is not broken. Take, if you like the color and pattern - the tile is one of the best among the inexpensive ones.

Fap Ceramiche

In the photo - the Fap Bark collection, the average price is 3800 rub / sq.m

Luxury Italian tile for non-poor people. The main range is tile for bathrooms, however there are quite a few options for other rooms. There are about 30 collections in the Fap Ceramiche catalog, which are produced only at one factory in Sassuolo, which indicates a constant product quality. The manufacturer makes the main marketing emphasis on the environmental friendliness of tiles and exclusive design decisions. Imitation of natural materials (wood, stone, etc.) is one of the main directions in the activities of Fap Ceramiche. For example, in FAP Preziosa natural marble is beautifully copied, and Fap Bark perfectly ingeniously imitates precious woods. Despite the high price, the quality of the tile is still not perfect. There are deviations in size - up to 1 mm. This is not critical, but for such a cost is still surprising.


  • Great design solutions
  • Worthy assortment
  • Constant product quality (one factory)
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Excellent tile resistance to abrasion and fading


  • High price
  • There are variations in tile size

Our rating: 9.8

Typical review: The geometry of the tile is not perfect. Size "loose" within 1mm. May vary in size with a combination of colors. Fitted with a 2.5 mm suture. Well cut and drilled. The appearance is impressive.

In the photo - the collection "Arizona", the average price - 620 rubles / sq.m

One of the oldest trademarks in the post-Soviet space - with all the advantages and disadvantages of this situation. On the one hand, this is a modern company with demanded products of an average price level, on the other hand, the image of the Minsk brick factory is not the most attractive for marketing. Anyway, the Belarusians produce about 80 collections of tiles. Many are made in several colors. Design solutions have geographic origins (Venice, New York or Tokyo collections of wall tiles, for example, and Toledo floor tiles), historical (Bastion), and landscape (Pastoral, Iris, "Sakura" and others). Many universal options suitable for the kitchen, and for the corridor, and even for the bathroom. There is a choice. The size of the tile is from 10 * 10 cm to 27.5 * 40 cm. The quality as a whole corresponds to the price: even in the most “designer” collections one can find a discrepancy between the tiles of 1-2 mm in size. And you can not meet - as lucky.


  • Wide range and color range
  • Interesting design solutions
  • Good toughness and fracture resistance
  • Availability of universal collections
  • Adequate price for most collections


  • In some batches, users notice problems with tile geometry.

Our rating: 9.7

Typical review: Keramin produces quite good collections, and if you have taste and a good designer, your bathroom or toilet will please you and your guests for a long time, but there is a great desire for the plant to update equipment, to normalize quality, and reduce tile prices.

Golden tile

In the photo - the Ocean collection, the average price - 695 rubles / sq.m

Ukrainian manufacturer of tiles in the low- and mid-price segment, under this brand, products of the Kharkov tile factory are manufactured. Having its own resource base and active work of designers (the company collaborates with Italian design studios Tecnografica, Poligraph, SRS, operates its own design bureau, led by an Italian expert), and the active use of digital printing technology allows producing a wide range of collections - now there are more than 60 -ti. The tile is produced in six sizes (20 * 30, 25 * 40, 30 * 60, 15 * 60, 30 * 30 and 40 * 40 cm). The quality generally corresponds to the price. Here it is very rare to see differences in shades within the same batch, but users note deviations in size. As, however, most manufacturers of inexpensive tile.


  • Good quality material (own resource base)
  • Very wide range
  • A variety of design solutions
  • Adequate prices for most collections


  • Deviations in the size of wall tiles
  • Significant deviations in tone for different batches of tiles from the same collection

Our rating: 9.6

Typical review:Long chose a tile for a bathroom, stopped on the Caesar collection. He drew the appearance of the tile, as well as an interesting execution of borders and decorative elements. After laying and grouting, I realized that I was not mistaken with the choice - it looks gorgeous. There were no problems with cutting tiles. But there is one BUT. Wall tile crooked. Visually, when buying, this is not visible, but when laying it is noticeable. There is a difference in length and width and a slight “bulge” of the tile. After grouting all this is not evident. Tile floor from this collection did not cause any complaints.

UNITILE ("Shakhty tile")

In the photo - the collection "Rattan", the average price - 440 rubles / sq. M

A popular brand of inexpensive domestic tiles. The design of the collections is developed by Italian and Spanish design studios. The basic raw material is its own, the glaze and dyes are mainly imported. In the assortment of the company - 30 collections, made in various colors (including bright ones). The names are predominantly Italian names. The size of the tile is from 33 * 33 to 60 * 60 cm. The quality is average, there are often brittle specimens. Almost every user review has complaints about variations in size and difference in shades. But with proper styling, the result is very good and sometimes not inferior to much more expensive counterparts. This is a budget option for unpretentious buyers - the best ceramic tile of low-cost.


  • Wide range and color range
  • There are simple universal solutions, which many expensive brands really miss.
  • Extensive trading network
  • Low price


  • Wall tile fragility
  • Deviations in size and color within even the same batch

Our rating: 9.5

Typical review: The tile on the plane is flat, not a curve. Husband was putting himself. Found that the tiles differ slightly from each other in size. And despite the fact that the party is one, differ in tone. It seems insignificant, but in some places it is noticeable. Pleases only that the price is low, you can close your eyes to the shortcomings.


In the photo - Gzhel collection, the average price - 530 rubles / sq. M

In the assortment of this manufacturer - more than 40 collections produced at 10 factories of the company in Poland, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. There is both a budget and luxury tiles. The Cersanit plant in the Moscow region is the only one in the Russian Federation that produces glass curbs. Also rare is a tile with a size of 20 * 60, which Cersanit has 16 collections at once. Collections in size 25х35 Enigma, Gentle, Jungle, Latte are popular. In tile size 20x44 - Agat, Cherry, Gerbera, Wave sakura. In size 20x30 - Mozaika, Novella, Siesta and others. The quality is unstable. Most users complain about the uneven side surfaces and the fragility of wall tiles in some collections.


  • Very wide range
  • A huge number of colors
  • There are universal and exclusive options.
  • Floor tiles are highly resistant to abrasion and fading


  • Price higher than competitors in their price groups.
  • The fragility of the glaze in inexpensive collections
  • There are variations in tile sizes in different batches.

Our rating: 9.5

Typical review: It is better to buy collections of tiles in which you do not need to join the drawing, because there will be problems with the slightest deviation. And these deviations are often. I have been laying Cersanit for several years now, there were also different sizes of tiles, and wavy edges. But in general it is impossible to say that this is a bad tile. If the hands are not crooked, then after laying no defects are not noticeable.

Which tile is better to choose?

Ideal option is difficult to find, let's say. You have to make compromises. If you have money, then the best choice, of course, is Fap Ceramiche. But if financial opportunities are limited, then you need to proceed from the required appearance of the tile and the availability of all the necessary components. Well, hope that the tile will be strong enough.

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