The best remedies for nail fungus

Healthy nails without problems

According to research, every third person is faced with fungal nail disease. Moreover, the fungus on the nails a few decades ago, was quite rare.

According to researchers, the disease has received such a prevalence due to the benefits of civilization: the high availability of swimming pools, public saunas, and gyms - something that was created to promote human health. But, doing muscle building or weight loss, a person rarely pays attention to the threat that lies next to him: pathogenic fungi, which are just waiting to become one with the new "owner".

Consequences (and not only of aesthetic nature) are not long in coming. Darkened, loose, exfoliated nails, unpleasant smell from the feet and shoes - not the worst manifestations of the disease. Without treatment, the fungus is able to spread to neighboring areas of the body, reduce local immunity and promote secondary infection - penetration into the tissues and blood of pathogenic bacteria, and also cause other people to become infected. Family members of the patient are at risk - people whose skin comes into contact with surfaces on which microscopic particles of infected skin remain. It is for this reason that acquiring an effective remedy for nail polish for a home first-aid kit is a great idea, especially if you visit the gym, swimming pools and other public places where there is a high likelihood of infection by the fungus.

So, what are the best remedies for nail fungus that the modern pharmaceutical industry and traditional medicine offers us?

The best medicines for nail fungus


The cost of a bottle of 10 ml. about 650 rubles, tubes weighing 30 g - 400 rubles.

The active ingredient Exoderil - naftifine - has a high "cumulative" effect. This means that when using the drug, naftifine accumulates in the tissues of the nail plate, and gradually reaches its maximum concentration, which is detrimental to fungi. Auxiliary substances that are part of the drug, facilitate the penetration of naftifine in the nail tubules, which, in fact, spreads the fungus.

Benefits. In addition to the antifungal effect, the drug prevents the secondary infection of the affected tissues, relieves itching and in a short time removes the inflammatory processes provoked by fungal infection.

disadvantages. Clinical studies of the drug, which would confirm or deny its harmlessness, have not yet been conducted. Therefore, to date, Exoderil is contraindicated for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with intolerance to any component of this tool.

Evaluation. The combined action of Exoderil is its only, albeit weighty advantage, which provided the drug with 9 points out of ten in the rating of the best remedies for nail fungus.

From reviews: “I treated Exoderilom fungus on the nails and on the skin between the fingers. Frankly, the fungus can be experienced, but not the itching that it causes. This drug literally relieved the itch in a day, although the fungus itself was treated according to the instructions - until the nail has fully grown. ”


The cost of a tube weighing 20g. about 400 rubles. Analog - Mycoral (15g / 180 rubles).

The active substance of Nizoral - ketoconazole - has a strong antimycotic effect, and is effective against most yeast-like, mold and other fungi. Getting into the tissue of the nail, affected by the fungus, ketoconazole disrupts the metabolism in these organisms and destroys their cell wall, which becomes the stop factor for the formation of colonies of fungi and their further reproduction.

Benefits. The high efficacy of Nizoral was confirmed by clinical studies, but the percentage of cure nail lesions was taken into account last: the focus was on fungal skin diseases. For this reason, it is difficult to say whether the cream is as effective with onychomycosis as with seborrhea of ​​the scalp. But what is really proven is that with the local use of Nizoral, its active ingredients are not detected in the blood even with prolonged use of the drug. Therefore, for the treatment of lactating, pregnant and those with any diseases of the kidneys and liver, this cream is allowed.

disadvantages. Not very convenient scheme of using the cream (twice a day) in combination with its consistency - not thick and oily, can cause difficulties. This is especially true of those whom the treatment found on the road or out of the house.

Evaluation. Overall, Nizoral deserves 10 points out of ten. But insufficiently large-scale clinical studies concerning the issues that interest us here and now - the treatment of nail fungus - still reduce its rating. Therefore, we will stop at 9 points.

From reviews: “I liked Nizoral shampoo when I treated oily seborrhea of ​​the head. Therefore, when I discovered a fungus on the nail, I immediately bought the cream of the same name. I haven’t noticed any obvious results on the nail - I started the treatment only a week ago, but the skin around the nail began to look healthier. ”


The cost of a 15 ml bottle is about 350 rubles.

The active ingredient, terbinafine, inhibits the growth and activity of various types of fungi, including those that cause nail damage. With proper use of the drug according to the instructions, the concentration of terbinafine is created in the nail, which for a long time prevents re-infection.

Benefits. The convenience of Lamisil lies in the possibility of choosing a dosage form in the form of a spray, solution, gel or cream. All forms of Lamisil are equally effective. With proper use of the drug, obvious improvements are observed already after 2 weeks.

disadvantages. The quality treatment that this remedy provides is due to the powerful effect of terbinafine. But it is for this reason that the treatment of nail fungus Lamisilom in nursing, pregnant women and in children under 12 years of age is contraindicated.

Evaluation. One of the best remedies for nail fungus, popular all over the world, but it requires strict adherence to the "rules of the game." Deserves 10 points out of 10.

From reviews: “I believe that the price of Lamisil is too high, although it is really convenient to use it in the form of a spray. The fungus went along with how the nail grew, used Lamisil for about a month. ”

The best nail polish varnishes

In lacquers for the treatment of nail fungus various active ingredients are used, and the cost of such preparations varies widely:

  • Loceryl (amorolfine). The cost of a 2.5 lm bottle is about 1,300 rubles;
  • Batrafen (ciclopiroxolamine). The price for a 2.5 ml bottle is about 1570 rubles;
  • Demicten (aldehyde formic acid). The cost of a 2.5 ml bottle is about 280 rubles;
  • Mikozan (complex of active substances). The cost of a set of about 650 rubles.

These are the best and most popular varnishes for the treatment of fungal nail infections, and they are all united by the same advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits. Each of the active ingredients - amorolfine, ciclopiroxolamine, etc., are strong antimycotic agents that inhibit the growth and activity of fungi. Ease of use of lacquers leaves no doubt - periodic or one-time treatment of the affected nail before the first (or each) application of the tool, and subsequently it remains only to follow the instructions: “tint” the nail once or twice a day or even once a week (as promised by Lotseril).

disadvantages. Unfortunately, with all the effectiveness of antimycotic substances that make up the varnishes, they are ineffective with deep fungal lesions, as well as with the localization of the fungus under the nail plate. This deficiency is to some extent offset by the ability of the nail to accumulate medicinal substances, which over time spread into the depths. But even with this in mind, there is no guarantee that several months after the completion of the course of treatment, the fungus will not appear “from nowhere”. It is known from: from the areas of the nail into which the active substances could not penetrate.

Evaluation. The inability to predict the effectiveness of treatment immediately deprives even the best varnishes for the treatment of nail fungus of several rating points. But they immediately return, since Lotrilil, Batrafen, Demicten, Mikosan, etc., are the best means for preventing fungal infections. Therefore, those who visit public swimming pools, saunas and gyms will be interested in finding out the “dual” assessment of varnishes: we give them 7 points out of 10 as preparations for treatment, and 10 out of 10 as means for preventing nail fungus.

From reviews of nail polish varnishes: “Treated the fungus on the big toe with Demictenom - the effect was completely zero. True, I did not have the opportunity to steam my leg, put varnish on a dry one. A few months later I bought Mikozan and did not regret it: the fungus just started to destroy the nail, I did everything according to the instructions. After 2 months there was no trace left. ”

Tea tree oil
the best folk remedy for nail fungus

The cost of a 10 ml bottle is about 140 rubles.

The composition of tea tree oil consists of terpenes, which serve as the basis for the antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory action of the agent. And viridofloren is the most powerful antimicrobial substance, today it is found only in tea tree oil, which makes it truly unique.

Benefits. Given the 100% natural origin of the oil, it can be indicated for the treatment of fungal diseases of the nails and skin of the foot, even in pregnant, nursing and children. It has a pronounced antimycotic effect, inhibiting the growth of fungi, and due to its antimicrobial effect it prevents secondary infection of areas weakened by the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

disadvantages. A strong smell, which some describe as pleasant and fresh, to others it seems somewhat "medical." The spectrum of action of tea tree oil is wide, but some types of fungi are resistant to viridoflorin, which makes this tool useless in the treatment of a number of fungal infections. Also, the oil is not recommended for persons with individual intolerance to the components of this tool.

Evaluation. The almost complete absence of contraindications, efficiency, complex action - all this allows to call tea tree oil the best folk remedy for nail fungus and award it 10 points out of ten.

From reviews: “I had to treat a recurrent fungus on my legs during pregnancy. I was afraid to use synthetic preparations, I preferred tea tree oil. I can say that the best remedy for nail fungus in my hands has not yet been: from the "root" the nail began to grow smooth and pink. Now I constantly disinfect inside and street shoes with this oil - I have forgotten about the fungus for about 7 years already. ”

What you need to know when treating nail fungus?

The effectiveness of remedies for nail fungus can be significantly improved if such “tricks” are used:

  • Before applying the product, wash your feet thoroughly in moderately warm soapy water (it is better to use baby or regular household water), then change the water to hot and steam the affected nail for at least 5-7 minutes. This procedure will “open” the nail cells, which will allow the varnish or cream to penetrate deeper into its tissue. Just do not forget that hot foot baths are contraindicated for varicose veins, hypotension, elevated body temperature.
  • Make sure that the grown nail was cut off in a timely manner. The protruding, “free” part of the nail plate should be removed as it grows, in order to free the drug from access to the soft tissues of the nail bed.
  • Treat not only the nail, but also the surrounding areas of healthy tissue. “Capture new territories” without hesitation, no less than 1 cm from the nail: the fungus is able to survive a medical attack in nearby tissues, and return to the end of the course of treatment, as if nothing had happened.
  • If the fight against fungal infections has become your way of life, and you live in the "remove the fungus - rejoice in the recovery - to detect the fungus again" mode - be sure to consult a doctor. Most likely, you will need a microscopic examination of a nail sample in order to identify the pathogen and the subsequent prescription of drugs, to which "your" fungus has not yet become resistant.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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