The most useful new items in kitchen scales

Scales noticeably smarter

Safety of kitchen scales and their users reaches a new level thanks to the use of bamboo wood in the design. Bamboo - the material is not only durable; nature has endowed him with antibacterial properties. Bamboo wood products have disinfecting and even deodorizing effects, which is perfectly suited for the manufacture of a platform for kitchen scales, which is in contact with food. The first company that decided to use this material in kitchen appliances was Scarlett.

Ready For Sky (R4S) is a new technology for remote control of kitchen scales using a smartphone, proposed by Redmond. R4S is a mobile application that synchronizes with the scales (as well as with any other household equipment of this line). An intuitive interface has been developed for the two most popular platforms today, iOS (version 7.0 and higher) and Android (version 4.3 JellyBean and higher). As new models of home appliances are released, the software adds them to the general list - and they can be managed using the same program.

The innovative platform of kitchen scales from the Scarlett company consists of two levels: on top there is an ultrathin layer of glass, and below - the so-called substrate made of polished stainless steel. Toughened glass, resistant to mechanical damage, in combination with a steel layer is a unique platform. It not only has increased strength, but also has a unique design: a two-layer design makes the drawing on the glass a three-dimensional image.

The device, called Gkilo, is based on the idea of ​​multi-functionality combined with the well-known postulate about the simplicity of everything ingenious. Gkilo looks really easier nowhere - a small wooden parallelepiped. However, in fact, this wooden bar is a high-tech gadget that combines electronic kitchen scales and watches. While this board is on one side, the LED display shows the weight of the products on its surface.

At the same time, you can “tell” the device about what it weighs (this is done through the corresponding mobile application), and then the gadget, checking the Internet, will tell you how long you need to prepare this product taking into account the weight. If you turn Gkilo to the other side, the device performs the functions of a clock, displaying time on the same LED display. You can enable / disable this piece of wood, reset the scales and set the time by “flick of the wrist” - Gkilo has gesture control. In addition, the device can be used as a shelf or designer paperweight. He is still not in mass production, but the idea has received the moral support of large companies.

SITU - so called not quite ordinary kitchen scales, capable of counting the energy content and the amount of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The model, which will certainly be widely distributed in 2015, is equipped with a Bluetooth module, through which it communicates with the tablet. And on it, in turn, a special application is installed - the “brain” of SITU - which has at its disposal a database on the composition of products (the possibility of self-replenishment is provided). This allows you to easily calculate the calorie content of ready meals. Using the example of a typical sandwich, it looks like this: a slice of bread is put on the scales, they do their job and transfer weight data to the tablet. Then you should indicate to the program that the bread is on the scales, and click “Add to dish”. After that, the scales need to be reset, so that the weight of the bread is not taken into account when weighing other ingredients, and repeat the whole algorithm with other components of the sandwich. The application is also able to save data on all meals, keep statistics on calories, report on the excess of the norm of this same caloric content for an individual meal or for the entire daily diet, give advice, etc. This combination of scales and tablet can be used by weight-loss and weight gain athletes, diabetics and other people who carefully control their diet.

Funny retro

The “Balance” model, which was introduced last year by the designer Nadine Fumiko Schaub (and in 2015 it will be produced in a limited series), is the merging of new technologies and classic style. For the production of scales used natural materials - brass, wood, porcelain, marble. The design of the item makes it possible to perceive the scales not as a fashionable accessory, which will soon want to be replaced with something more relevant, but as a mechanism capable of serving for decades without failing its owner. The role of counterweights is played by cute porcelain containers filled with special granules. Bowl for bulk products includes about a kilogram of flour - the designer believes that for home cooking this volume is enough.

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