How to choose a bath?

5 simple steps in choosing the perfect bathroom

Step 1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the exact size of the space where the bath will be located, and after that you can explore the models that will be conveniently located in this place.
Pick up a tape measure!
Time will not be lost in vain if you pay great attention to measuring the area allowed for the bath. You should think what model you want. Freestanding bath or foot bath? Asymmetric, angular, oval or rectangular? How will plumbing and sewage be connected and how much space is needed for free access to communications? What sites do you want to leave free? After you decide on these parameters, you can choose the material.
Step 2. It is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of the materials that are used in the process of manufacturing the bath to determine which one is right for you.
Do not trust the grandfather, who assures that cast-iron enamel baths are the most reliable.
Because of the large range, choosing the best material is quite difficult. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of baths from common materials:


- Acrylic is the most popular bathing material in the world. It is characterized by natural warmth, ease of maintenance, the ability to take on various forms and resilience.
- Acrylic baths are easy to maintain in excellent condition. They should be cleaned using soft, non-abrasive products (using ordinary laundry soap or washing powder) and soft cloth. Small scratches are easily removed from the surface using fine sandpaper or repair kit. Acrylic can return a beautiful appearance even after long years of operation, polishing to a shine, which is impossible to do with steel or cast-iron bath.
- Quite often, acrylic baths are completed with hydromassage systems. In addition, they are sold at affordable prices.
- Acrylic baths are light and durable, easy to transport. In addition, they are safer. The bottom is not slippery, and the softness of acrylic does not allow hitting children to play. With the right choice of manufacturer, this bath will not bend and is able to withstand any weight. Acrylic is resistant to mold, chemicals and high temperatures.
- Should carefully consider the choice of the manufacturer and place of purchase. Poor-quality bath will not be pleased with their virtues, as well as harm to health. Over time, a bath of cheap ABS plastic cracks and deforms. A fake can be identified by a sharp chemical smell. This acrylic smell is absent.

Cast iron

- Cast-iron baths are time-tested, they are durable and durable, but they are heavy. They are covered with enamel, which comes in various shades and has a beautiful shine.
- Initially, the cast iron is cold to the touch. It is warmed by conducting heat from the water to the metal, and then back to the room. It is for this reason that it is necessary to regularly add hot water to the bath.
- It is not recommended to use cleaning abrasives - it irreversibly destroys shine. Enamel is resistant to cracks and scratches, but when they appear, expensive professional repairs are needed to restore.
- When choosing worth paying attention to the quality of enamel. Even imperceptible damages can threaten with the fact that over time the enamel will crack, and the appearance of the product will deteriorate.
- Iron casting is a rather complicated process, so the choice of sizes and models of such baths is limited.


- When purchasing it is necessary to remember that the walls must be at least 3-4 mm thick. Products with thinner walls will bend under the weight of poured water, which will lead to damage to the enamel.
- A steel bath is four to five times easier than a cast iron one. It is easier to transport and install.
- Many people do not like the sound of water pouring into the bath - it is especially audible in metal baths. The sound is reduced with special
gaskets, which are manufactured by the manufacturer of the baths, or by installing self-made insulation (for example, with foam or foam).
- Metal baths keep heat worse than cast iron and acrylic, - in them the water cools very quickly.
- The range of models of steel baths is quite wide. You can choose steel sitz bath, corner or with colored enamel - it all depends on your own preferences. The steel bath can also be equipped with a hydromassage system.
- Baths made of steel are cheaper than high-quality acrylic and cast iron, which can be a decisive factor in the selection process.

Baths of cast marble (artificial stone)

- Artificial stone is more durable than acrylic, it is difficult to scratch or break.
- A wide range of colors, you can choose the color to a variety of interiors.
- The bath breaks down due to strong blows, while repair is almost impossible.
- It is easy to take care of a bathroom made of artificial stone, but you should not use hard brushes and chlorine-containing products.
- The durability and practicality of such baths depends on the quality of materials.
Poor quality porous artificial stone, it is quite difficult to keep it clean. When buying, you should carefully inspect the surface of the bath - if it is full of bubbles and porous, then it is better not to purchase the product.

Baths of other materials

If you want special comfort, then you should buy a bath made of natural material. On sale there precious wood baths (tick, cedar, larch, wenge, etc.). These baths are pleasant to the touch and very warm.
Baths from natural stone (marble, granite, onyx) have high strength, perfectly retain heat. Owners of such baths can be sure that no one has the second such product, because not a single stone is repeated in nature. A stone bath - a truly smart purchase - such an acquisition will cost a very decent amount. However, environmental friendliness, durability and comfort of the material justify the high cost.
Baths are also made of copper, brass, glass and other materials. Many of these baths are true works of art. However, they need special care, depending on the materials, to maintain their beauty.

Step 3. Choose a bath that is comfortable for the person who will use it most often.
Large baths begin to lose their appeal with the arrival of water bills.
Large baths can be comfortable for all family members, but they need plenty of water to swim in. And it is quite expensive and requires a lot of time for filling it and draining water after bathing. Yes, and maintain in perfect condition a large bath is more difficult.

Also, when choosing the size and shape of the bathroom, you must:
- Take into account the slope and height of the back;
- Comfort location in the bathroom with legs extended and in a relaxed state;
- Equipment of a bath with hand-rail. It matters to older people;
- The presence of anti-slip coating on the bottom.
There are many models of baths on sale, you should not spare time for choosing the best one for you, because this is a purchase for many years.
Step 4. Do not save on quality
When a bath becomes unusable, this often leads not only to replacing the bowl, but also to costly repairs to the bathroom. As a rule, when dismantling damaged ceramic tiles. It is also necessary to replace or redo communications - water supply and sewage. Many rooms would not need a renovation if the bath had not become unusable. You should compare the specifications, warranty and reputation of different manufacturers to ensure that you can get the highest quality product for your money.
Step 5. With or without hydromassage?
Surely, everyone wants to relax after a working day. And there is nothing more pleasant than a massage. Modern baths can be equipped with a massage system when a jet of water washes a bathing person, massaging and relaxing his body.
There are 2 main types of massage systems for the bathroom. This is aero massage and hydromassage.
Classic hydromassage system with the help of pumps, it draws water from the bathroom, aerates it and transfers it back to the washing person. At the same time, some water remains in the system after bathing. For this reason, bacteria and algae may proliferate in the hydromassage system. Conducting a complete disinfection system is difficult.
Aero massage systems hygienic. They are able to draw in air, heating it. After that, the heated air passes through the nozzles, which are located at the bottom of the bathroom. At the same time, water does not enter the system, so it is possible to take a bath with salt and oils.

And can choose hydroboxing?

Hydromassage boxes - These are complex devices that combine massage machines, several types of showers, water bowls, video and audio devices, steam generators, lighting installed according to the program, and many different utilities that turn simple bathing into a very pleasant ritual.

Bathtub hydroboxes are spacious cabins with a deep bottom, where you can take a hydromassage shower and bath. In addition, you can choose the model of hydrobox equipped with a steam generator. This will turn the bath into a home sauna. Hydromassage steam cabins come in various sizes and shapes that can be designed for one or several people.

Summing up

It is necessary to treat the choice of baths very carefully and responsibly, because this purchase is not for one season. Before choosing a bath, you should carefully study the characteristics of materials, view models, read reviews. A competent approach to business will help not only to make the desired purchase, but also save you from further problems that may arise when choosing a poor-quality bath.

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