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7 best sunscreens

How to protect yourself from the sun at home and at leisure Women who do not want to grow old ahead of time, know that sunscreen is a must-have skin care element in the summer season. And for the face it is generally recommended to use creams with SPF all the time! This will help protect against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent photo-aging.

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Folk remedies for burns

Which in no case can not be applied! Treatment of burns folk remedies The need for traditional medicine is difficult to deny. Even considering that the overwhelming majority of traditional medicine recipes have not passed clinical trials, and their use cannot be recommended as the main methods of treatment, they can be useful as adjuvants.

Review of the ATV Yamaha Grizzly 700

"Horseback" on the hunt. Estimated price: 839,000 rubles. Are you an avid hunter and you are drawn to learn new places, famous for both its rich fauna and high obstruction? Then take the Yamaha Grizzly 700 Japanese ATV and hit the road. On it you will be able to drive into any jungle where others do not even think to get.

4 best equalizers

It is necessary to correct amplitudes beautifully! Author: Vladislav Samoshkin Equalizers are familiar to many from VST-plug-ins and special settings that exist in the interface of audio players. However, there are specialized equalizers in the form of a separate “iron”. They are connected to an existing CD player or other sound sources to stabilize the signal.

9 of the quietest summer tires

Do not ride over the ears! Although noise is far from the most important characteristic of car tires (for example, racing slicks due to the lack of a tread pattern will be virtually silent, but how can we ride them after the rain?), Today we will focus on it. In high-quality summer tires, the possibilities are already quite capable of covering the needs of the standard mode of car operation.

10 best gel polishes

Wonderful nail polish for perfect marigolds Why gel polishes, which according to the rules should be kept on the nails for 2-3 weeks, are cleaved and exfoliated from them for 2-3 days already? The reasons may be different, but one of the main reasons is the low quality of the gel polish itself. How to choose this product so as to avoid disappointment?

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Capella S-901 Stroller Overview

Walking with comfort in any weather Spacious stroller with inflatable wheels and a huge hood Capella S-901 - the choice of practical parents. In terms of maneuverability and softness, the Capella 901 can be compared with the cradles, and in terms of functionality and maneuverability, with light canes. This is a universal all-season model for any roads and weathers.

8 best face creams after 30 years

We are looking for a cream that preserves the youthfulness of the skin. At the age of 30, a young woman seriously begins to think about how to maintain elasticity and a fresh look of the skin, because it is at this time that her beauty is beginning to fade.It is too early to use “heavy artillery” - anti-wrinkle cream, but the usual daily care is not enough.

Description of the recorder Ritmix RR-850 2Gb / 4Gb

Dictaphone Ritmix RR-850 2Gb / 4Gb - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Main characteristics Type of dictaphone digital Memory type built-in Internal memory size 2 Gb LCD display Stereo sound Support MP3, WMA formats Built-in speaker Recording MP3 / PCM recording format Function activation by voice is There is a change in sensitivity of the microphone There is a recording with different quality, the number of modes - 4 Recording by timer there is a Maximum recording time of 22 h (with high quality) / 130 h (with low quality) Number of folders / s Communication 4/396 Connecting to a Computer has a USB 2 interface.

Pavilions right choice

The company "MDN-Prom" manufactures an extensive range of metal products. Including pavilions. Types of Pavilions Stopping Pavilions There are many types of stopping pavilions, different among themselves as the material from which they are made, and design. Today, pavilions are most often made of aluminum and glass.

5 washing machines that we forbid you to buy

Anti-rating of home helpers Do you know that any home appliances store is a place of heightened danger? You came to him for a washing machine, which today has become almost a member of the family. Full of positive emotions and ready to leave almost half of their salaries. Caution! You have every chance to become another victim of manufacturers, marketers and sales assistants - representatives of inhuman professions.

10 best towel warmers

Choosing the best models of water, electric and combined towel rails for your bathroom A heated towel rail today is an essential part of the bathroom interior not only from a functional, but also from an aesthetic point of view. In the domestic market, you can find a lot of similar devices from various materials, different shapes and cost.

5 best online stores to buy chainsaws

Choose the best sellers with our experts Which chainsaws are popular among Russians and recommended by experts? Swedish brands Husqvarna (Sweden), Stihl (Germany) have taken a strong position not only in private farms, but also in industry. Japanese Echo and the Swedish Partner eagerly bought up, distinguished themselves in the price-reliability-quality ratio.

9 best vacuum cleaners

2018 rating: A car vacuum cleaner is the best friend of a car enthusiast The “army” of car enthusiasts is very large and invariably growing. For someone, a vehicle is the ability to move quickly and conveniently, for someone it is a status attribute, for someone it is almost a second home or workplace.

Rowenta CF3345F0 Curler Description

Rowenta CF3345F0 curler - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Specifications Specifications Type tongs Maximum heating temperature 200 C Readiness indication for operation Features Design display, loop for hanging, rotation of the cord around its axis Rowenta CF3345F0 Curve Dignity Tourmaline coating is safe for hair - I use it several times a week until my hair has deteriorated Rapid heating Several temperatures GOVERNMENTAL modes - can be matched to your type of hair is no shortage of grip, that is.

Description of the car seat Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat - Advantages, Disadvantages, Features Technical Specifications General Features No Booster Group 0+ (up to 13 kg), Car Seat Carrier Isofix No No Latch Mount No Backwards Installation, External Straps Three-Point Design Backrest Horizontal No Use as rocking chair there is an anatomical pillow there is, you can use it from birth Internal belts are three-point, with soft lining Carrying handle there is Additional protection from side impacts there Awning from the sun there is With emny case there Office / pocket for things to have more information holder is not compatible with the chassis / strollers Maxi-Cosi Quinny Buzz, Zapp, Speedi reviews about child car seat Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Advantages Installation on instant basis.

Description of elliptical trainer AeroFIT E500

Elliptical trainer AeroFIT E500 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Load system electromagnetic Flywheel in front, weight: 12 kg Number of load levels 16 Maximum user weight 150 kg Possibility of professional use is Possibility of changing the step length is Step length 45 - 66 cm Sensors and indicators Indications current speed, calorie consumption, distance traveled, rotational speed Pulse measurement is, cardio sensor on the handle (built-in sensor), the ability to Wireless sensor connections Programs Number of workout programs 16 Additional information Amenities stand for glass / bottle, transport rollers / wheels, floor irregularity compensators Dimensions (LxWxH) 150x86x164 cm Weight 107 kg Eero training feedback AeroFIT E500 Advantages A convenient biomechanical step that really takes care of your joints and does not load them, large adjustable orthopedic step up to 66cm, bearings, rigid and stable frame - did not spare the metal.

10 best tents

For a tourist note In this article you will get acquainted with the best models of modern tents for hiking and recreation, including in extreme conditions. All leading models are produced by well-known companies that have long won their place in the market. Among them are several manufacturers whose products are especially popular with customers.